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Wyoming bathroom remodeling project can completely transform the look of your existing bathroom. Whether you can planning on a small remodeling project that you largely do yourself or you employ professional WY contractors and plumbers to do the work, changing the look of the bathroom can breathe new life into a home. When you remodel your WY bathroom, only the sky and your budget are the limits.

Deciding on Style

Before you begin your Wyoming bathroom remodeling project, visit a nearby WY bookstore and flip through some design and architecture magazines. You'll be able to get an idea of what you like and what you don't. Deciding on the style you want for your bath after your Wyoming bathroom remodeling project will guide you as you begin to choose details, like fixtures, lighting and hardware.

In addition to choosing the style you wish to achieve with your Wyoming bathroom remodeling project, it is important to decide what you hope to achieve by remodeling your Wyoming bathroom. Many people undertake remodeling a bathroom to achieve a new look, more light or extra storage. Decide what you hope to get out of your finished Wyoming bathroom remodeling and share these ideas with your contractor and plumber.

Wyoming Bathroom Ideas

If you are after a traditional look as an end result of your Wyoming bathroom remodeling project, consider your fixtures carefully. A claw foot tub embraces the traditional aesthetic while offering a functional bathing space. New reproductions of traditional claw foot tubs are lighter than their original counterparts yet offer a similar look.

Many people go about a Wyoming bathroom remodeling project looking to add more natural to their bath. Instead of the typical small, frosted windows often found in the bath, consider a full sized window that might be found in another area of the house. Installing a full sized window will open up the space and allow for more natural sunlight to come in. A window like this is best used if the bath in question is relatively private. If it isn't, be sure to factor window treatments into your remodel.

Another option for increasing the natural sunlight that enters the bath is the installation of a skylight or two. Skylights open up the space visually, allow natural light to enter while maintaing your privacy. Installing a skylight in the shower or elsewhere in the bath can be done as part of a Wyoming bathroom remodeling project.

White is a great color for making the most of the natural sunlight a room gets. Choosing to use white where ever possible, in combination with natural sunlight, will make the room look lighter, brighter and ultimately larger. A white marble or marble-like counter is a great choice for increasing the light in the bath.

When planning your Wyoming bath remodeling project, don't forget about color. Painting the walls a light, soothing color will visually open the room while creating a tranquil atmosphere. Bright colors can make a room look small and be jarring. Choose your paint colors carefully when planning out your remodeling project. To save some money, you may even consider doing the painting yourself.

If you have a big space to work with, consider installing a separate soaking tub and shower. Installing the tub separately evokes the feeling of a posh day spa and makes your bath a truly relaxing place to hang out. To customize your shower, consider built ins. Installing a bench or shelves is a thoughtful way to customize a shower stall.

When planning your Wyoming remodeling project, give careful consideration to your space. You may think your room is too small for a separate tub and shower but your Wyoming contractor may be able to figure out a way to make it work. If there is an eave that a tub can fit under or a nook that a tub can fit into, you may be able to achieve the goal of a separate tub.

A popular goal of a bath remodel is to create separate "his and hers" areas. Separate sinks with an area for make up application can make a bath feel like a fancy hotel. Keep in mind how you plan to use the space when designing. With carefully chosen details, the bath may become your favorite room in the house.

Undertaking a Wyoming bathroom remodeling project can yield the bath of your dreams. When renovating this area of the home, its important to plan well. These projects are expensive and you want to make sure the work being done will last and that you will continue to love your bath for a long time to come. Research both your Wyoming contractors and plumbers as well as your design goal before throughly before beginning your project.

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