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Wichita bathroom remodeling may be one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your KS home. Expanding, renovating or adding a bathroom makes your property more functional and appealing to potential buyers, not to mention to the residents of your house. Whether you're replacing your fixtures, adding a new vanity or completely overhauling an old bathroom, your remodeling project can make a big difference in the way you and your family feel about your residence.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and this thriving community has received accolades for promoting the development of new businesses and cultural facilities. Wichita is a hub of retail, dining and entertainment in this region of KS, and resident as and visitors alike enjoy spending time in this bustling center of activity. Wichita homes have a distinctive style that reflects their Kansas character, and Wichita bathroom remodeling projects can bring out the best in your home.

Adding a New Bathroom

Adding a new bathroom to your Wichita home is one of the more ambitious and potentially costly remodeling projects that you can take on. However, if your house is short on bathroom space, and you're constantly fighting with the other members of your household for the privilege of using the sink or taking a shower, the benefits of this project may outweigh the costs. Expanding your home's facilities will boost your property value as well as increasing your satisfaction with your residence.

Converting a spare bedroom, laundry room or storage room may be the most efficient, cost effective approach to your Wichita bathroom remodeling project. Instead of adding more square footage to your KS property, you can simply convert an existing space into a full or half bath. Before you start planning, consult a licensed Wichita contractor to identify an area of your home that can be converted into a new bath. Installing new plumbing, replacing flooring and tiling walls and floors often require help from a professional team.

Plumbing is often one of the most expensive components of a remodeling project. When you're converting a bedroom or storage room into an area that's suitable for bathing and personal care, installing new plumbing and fixtures may consume a sizable chunk of your budget. If you're handy with do it yourself projects, consider taking over certain aspects of the job, such as installing the sink or toilet, tiling the floors, adding wall paneling or painting. Leave the complicated plumbing work to the pros while taking on the more accessible tasks.

When you're designing a room from scratch, you can get more creative with your Wichita bathroom remodeling ideas. If you own an older Kansas home, you can create a space that's consistent with the age and style of your dwelling by including a pedestal sink, clawfoot tub, wall sconce lamps and other vintage fixtures in your remodeling plans. If your remodeling plans are completely contemporary, choose colors and materials that reflect a modern Wichita style. Your Wichita bathroom remodeling project will benefit from your individual sense of style.

Remodeling Bathroom Counters and Vanities

The surface areas of your room not only play an important role in the overall style of the decor; they also have a significant effect on the cost of your Wichita bathroom remodeling project. In addition, the configuration and materials that you choose for counters, backsplashes and vanities can affect the efficiency of the space and the maintenance required for your new area. If your counters or vanity are too small, you and your family won't have enough room to get ready in the morning. Excessively large counters take up space and attract clutter.

If you need extra space for an extra sink or a new shower enclosure, minimizing a long counter space can give you the room you need. Consider replacing an extended countertop with a smaller, more efficient vanity and sink combination. Add an attractive backsplash to give the area style and protect the wall behind the sink. If your current counter space is too crowded and narrow for multiple members of a household, think about installing double sinks with a connecting vanity. A large horizontal mirror gives everyone room for personal grooming.

Ceramic tile is one of the most affordable, versatile countertop products for bathrooms. Your Wichita bathroom remodeling ideas are limited only by your imagination when you have so many styles,sizes and colors of tile to choose from. If you prefer a more natural look, consider granite, marble or more affordable engineered quartz for your Wichita bathroom remodeling project.

The most satisfying phase of Wichita bathroom remodeling may be the day you're able to walk into a gleaming, newly renovated room. To get started, consult an interior design contractor for inspiration, ideas and quotes on this important remodel. A professional can give you a fresh perspective on a familiar space.

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