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Washington DC bathroom remodeling projects require the assistance of a professional and a lot of patience on your part. There will also be dust, dirt and the inconvenience of being short a bathroom during the project. If you want to change the look of your Washington DC bathroom without the hassle of a full remodeling project and with out spending a ton of money, there are many things you can do to change the look of your bath quickly.

Quick Bathroom Fixes

If you have had it with your bath and are contemplating a full Washington DC bathroom remodeling project, take a look at your bathroom. Start by clearing everything out. Take the opportunity to weed out the things you never use, throw out expired products and medicines and only put back the absolute essentials. Find other homes for the things you want to keep but don't necessarily need in the bathroom.

Once you've dealt with the clutter, take a trip to a Washington DC home improvement or an store in DC that specializes in storage. Purchase boxes, bins or racks to store all of the necessities for the bath. Find a home for everything that belongs in the bathroom. If there are things that need to be out on countertops, find a decorative way to keep them organized. Just by eliminating clutter, you may be able to fool people into thinking you've undergone a whole remodeling project in your bath.

Make the best use of your storage space to keep the bath as clutter free as possible. Lazy susan type turntables, pull out drawers and towel bars mounted on the inside of lower cabinet doors are all ingenious ways to keep things hidden but accessible in your Washington DC bath.

If you are short on space to hang things, install towel bars and hooks. With just a drill and a screwdriver, you can quickly hang towel bars. Removable, wall mounted adhesive hooks are also great options to create extra storage as they are easy to install and don't require the professional attention that a Washington DC bathroom remodeling project would.

For additional storage, hang some wall mounted shelves. Like installing towel bars, you can create extra storage space easily. Mounting store bought shelves, rather than creating custom storage solutions as part of a custom Washington DC bathroom remodeling project, can be done cheaply and on your own.

Easy DC Bath Improvements

For an easy to do but impact full update to your bath, look no further than the paint department at your Washington DC home improvement store. A new color or just a fresh coat of paint can instantly update the look of your bath without the hassle of a full Washington DC bathroom remodeling project. Take the decorating a step further with wall decals, wallpaper, wallpaper borders or stencils.

When scanning your bath for things that can be improved, don't forget to look down. Updating the floor of your DC bath can be done as easily as buying a new rug. Peel and stick vinyl tiles, a coat of stain or paint can instantly update your bath and make it look like you've employed a professional for a full Washington DC bathroom remodeling project.

If you are looking to update the look of your Washington DC bath, get out of the bath. Look around your home and find items that can be used or repurposed to be used in the bath, whether for storage or for decoration. Add furniture to your bath. If your goal for remodeling your Washington DC bath is to create more storage, consider adding a small armoire or an etagere to add visual interest and extra storage. It may possibly eliminate the need for a full Washington DC bathroom remodeling project.

You can further stave off completely remodeling by updating your lighting. Switching out the wattage on the light bulbs in your existing fixtures can improve your bath. You can even change out your old light fixtures for new ones to give the room a new look without remodeling.

For additional quick and cheap updates to your bath, update your linens. New curtains, a new shower curtain and towels can make a big difference in the look and feel of your bath. If you've had the same linens forever, consider updating yours for fresh ones.

Once you've made some of these updates, you can assess your need for doing a full remodeling of your bath. Washington DC bathroom remodeling is not cheap and it is time consuming. Finding quick and easy ways to update the look of your bath can prolong or even keep you from needing to undergo a full Washington DC bathroom remodeling project. You may even have fun doing it.

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