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Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling plans may renew your enjoyment of your VA home. If your bathroom currently suffers from an inefficient layout, an outdated decor, poor ventilation or water-wasting fixtures, Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling can offer the fixes you need to make this space more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Use online photos, pictures from magazines and books or professional tips from Virginia remodeling experts to transform a lackluster room into the bathroom of your dreams.

Homeowners in this oceanfront resort city like to keep up with the latest trends in Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling. Each year the market is flooded with new bathroom improvement products, from towel warmers and mirror defoggers to steam shower heads and personal spas with air jets. While some of these products may provide value to you and your family, only you can decide which aspects of your Virginia Beach bathroom need to be modified. To keep your remodeling budget under control, only invest in the products you truly need or want.

Remodeling a Master Bath

The long, sparkling beaches, restaurants, parks and sports events make Virginia Beach a desirable place to live. But even in this relaxed atmosphere, Virginia homeowners need a personal refuge where they can recharge and rejuvenate at the end of a busy day. A master bathroom is one room in your VA home where you can make the final decisions about colors, materials, fixtures and accessories. Feel free to indulge your taste for luxury or pare down your decor to a minimalist style with your unique Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling ideas.

The cost of remodeling a master bathroom may range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on your goals. Removing or adding a wall, modifying the layout of your plumbing fixtures, installing a window or skylight can increase the cost of your project. To keep your budget on track, set your goals at the beginning of your remodeling project. Prioritize your needs to determine which of your projects might be downsized or postponed, if necessary, to avoid overspending.

Even if you're on a tight budget, you can add touches of luxury to your Virginia remodeling project without going overboard. Indulge in a genuine marble vanity, a shower enclosure lined with glittering blue glass tiles or a set of new, ultra contemporary cabinets. Replace outdated, conventional shower heads with an elegant waterfall shower or a soothing steam shower. Invest in a personal spa with air or water jets to ease tension and relieve cramped muscles after an intensive day of work or sports.

Because a master bath is usually a private area that's used by only one or two people, you can enlarge the space with a shower enclosure that's partially open. Create a sense of space and light by installing a new window or skylight in your master bath. If your suite opens out onto a garden or patio, you could even consider adding french doors or a bay window to your Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling project. Get creative with your ideas to make your VA master suite the room that you envision.

Efficient Storage Ideas

Storage is a concern in any Virginia Beach bathing or personal care area. Even the most spacious bath can get cluttered and messy quickly if there isn't enough space to store cosmetics, cleansers, appliances, towels and other essential supplies. Recessed shelving in your walls, shower enclosure or above your bathtub provides convenient, easy to access storage that doesn't infringe on your interior space. Store extra accessories in hanging wall organizers to supplement storage in your Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling project.

If you feel like you're wading through a sea of dirty laundry or used towels every time you want to take a bath or wash your hands, consider adding a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to hold both clean towels and linens and a laundry hamper. While it may be possible to free up space by storing extra sheets or blankets elsewhere in your Virginia Beach home, access to clean towels is a must. Extra cabinets, floating shelves or recessed niches can hold these important items.

You can get creative with your Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling project while repurposing furniture from your Virginia Beach house to use as storage. Refinish old bookshelves, an antique china hutch, a credenza or other household furniture for a uniquely personal touch. Raid your own attic or basement to find shelves that are perfectly capable of holding towels, cleansers or personal care products.

Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling projects can make this area of your home look and feel larger, even if square footage is limited. By creating space for personal items, enlarging a shower or tub enclosure and maximizing natural light, you'll find that your Virginia Beach room looks bigger and brighter. Consult multiple Virginia Beach bathroom remodeling professionals for tips, inspiration and estimates.

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