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Vermont bathroom remodeling need not be a huge, expensive undertaking. There are many things you could do to remodel a bathroom that are relatively inexpensive. If you have an existing space with good bones and a good layout that you like, you can do a relatively inexpensive Vermont bathroom remodeling project. With some time and a little ingenuity, you can undertake a remodeling project that won't break the bank.

Vermont Remodeling on the Cheap

Before you call in a VT contractor to do the job for you, you may be able to handle your bathroom project yourself. Vermont bathroom remodeling need not be exclusively handled by the professionals. If you are undergoing a big project, you will need a professional contractor. If you just want to do an update, you could handle it yourself. If you are okay with the basic elements, such as the layout of your bathroom, you can save money by just doing some updates.

If you don't require a custom shower and tub as part of your Vermont bathroom remodeling project, you can save time and money by installing a pre-fabricated tub or shower. While you can't customize it and you'll need to work with what's available to you, it'll be a lot less expensive then installing a customized shower. If you can't live without tiles, tiling the walls and using a pre-fabricated shower pan can give you a custom look without the price of a custom shower.

Another option for sprucing up an existing bath tub is a liner. A liner slips over your old tub, giving it a fresh look without the expensive of a new bathtub. If your bath tub is in mostly good shape, you could refinish it to get rid of any discoloration or patch any nicks or cracks to give it a fresh look. Any of these options will save you money in your Vermont bathroom remodeling project over installing a brand new or custom bath tub.

Remodeling your entire VT bathroom is expensive. Making minor cosmetic changes to your Vermont bathroom can evoke the feeling of a huge remodeling project without the expensive. Try changing out the fixtures and toilet. These changes can be done without the help of a plumber, giving you the look of a complete Vermont bathroom remodeling endeavor while saving you money.

Easy Fixes For Your Bathroom

Take a look at the floors in your VT bath. Ripping them out and laying new wood or tile is expensive and requires a professional. You can update the floors in your bath without undergoing an entire Vermont bathroom remodeling project by laying peel and stick tile or by staining wood floors. You can even paint the floors in a color that compliments the walls.

When it comes to your walls, you can easily paint the walls of your Vermont bath in the course of a weekend without employing a professional Vermont painter. A fresh coat of paint can change the look of your bath. Choose a light color to make the most of a small space and then let your imagination take hold. Stenciling or applying vinyl decals to the walls also add visual interest to the walls. Adding wainscoting to your walls is another idea for adding detail to your walls without spending a ton of money or employing a professional.

While working on your own Vermont bathroom remodeling project, don't underestimate the impact that fresh linens and accessories can have. Change out the hardware on the cabinets or replace your medicine cabinet or mirror. Purchasing a new shower curtain, bath towels and bath accessories can have a major effect on the success of your bath remodeling project. Compared to the cost of a total remodel, replacing your linens and shower curtain is cheap.

When choosing to update your bath, its important to develop a well thought out budget and stick with it. Overestimate how much it will cost to redo your bath. When you can, save money by doing the work yourself. Making some minor, easy changes will impact the overall look of the finished product. Just make sure you are not cutting corners as you don't want to do another remodel any time soon.

Any remodeling project is not for the faint of heart and a Vermont bath project is second only to doing a kitchen. If you want to undergo an extensive remodel of your bath, speak to Vermont contractors and plumbers to make sure the job gets done correctly the first time. If the changes you would like to make are largely cosmetic, you can do most of your Vermont bathroom remodeling project on your own in a short amount of time without the investment a major project entails.

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