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If your St Louis bathroom remodeling choices seem overwhelming, think about narrowing down your options with the help of an interior design professional. Whether you've just moved into a new MO home or you've lived in the same house for years, it can be difficult to gain a fresh perspective on a room that you see every day. While it's sometimes easy to pinpoint the fixtures or surfaces that need to be modified, you may simply have the impression that your bathroom doesn't suit your lifestyle or your personal style.

St Louis bathroom remodeling is one of the most important home improvement projects you can undertake if you're trying to increase the value of your Missouri home. A spacious, comfortable, efficiently designed bathroom can be a great asset to any residence. Creative St Louis bathroom remodeling concepts can also add a personal touch to your decor, so you'll feel that this space is truly yours. Consult several of the talented St Louis bathroom remodeling professionals in your city to find a professional whose experience and abilities match your goals.

Tub and Shower Tiling Projects

Founded in 1764, the city of St Louis has a long history in Missouri. Over the course of its history, St Louis has become a well known center of the arts, professional sports, education, manufacturing and health care in the Midwest. Tourism is one of the major economic interests in St Louis, with thousands of visitors coming to the city each year to visit attractions like the Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium. St Louis also features examples of striking 19th century architecture, such as the Wainwright Building and the Campbell House.

Homeowners in St Louis have a wide variety of residential opportunities to choose from, as the city is divided into numerous neighborhoods. No matter where your residence is located, having a comfortable bathtub or shower is a necessity for your bathroom. At the end of a busy day, few things are more soothing than sinking into a bathtub filled with hot water or taking a long shower. If your tub or shower are cramped, grimy, outdated or just not very inviting, focus your remodeling project on improving these important fixtures.

The tiling in a MO tub or shower enclosure can make a noticeable difference in the success of this remodeling project. In the humid Missouri climate, many homeowners have to battle mold and mildew growth on the grouting between tiles. If you have broken or missing tiles in the tub or shower, mold can grow underneath the surface, creating a perpetually musty odor and eventually ruining the subfloor. Accurate, secure placement of bathroom tiles is essential to avoid mold and mildew damage in your St Louis home.

If your remodeling project includes removing old tiles around the tub or shower and you suspect you may have mildew or mold damage, you may need to replace or repair the underlying backboard. If the damage isn't repaired, mold may continue to grow even after you've installed the new tiles. Once the old tiles have been successfully removed, you can get creative with your St Louis bathroom remodeling project by adding a border around the tub or shower enclosure, installing a mosaic or combining colors in a thematic pattern.

Bathroom Wall Ideas

When it comes to remodeling a MO bathroom, the walls may be neglected in favor of installing new fixtures, choosing countertops and vanities or revising the lighting scheme. However, the color and texture of your walls can make a big difference in the mood and atmosphere you're trying to create. When you're remodeling this area, consider unusual ideas as well as more traditional concepts. While tiling and paint offer a host of creative opportunities, you can also consider products like wallpaper, woven grass wall coverings or fabric wall hangings.

Add a distinct, individual touch to your remodeling project with removable vinyl decals for your walls. These products are available in an almost unlimited ranges of designs, patterns and colors, from butterflies and flowers to arabesques, musical notes and letters. Wall decals are perfect for children's bathrooms, which must be updated every few years to keep up with your kids' rapidly changing tastes. Unlike painted murals, vinyl decals are easy to remove, making your St Louis bathroom remodeling projects more flexible and fun.

St Louis bathroom remodeling can encompass every surface in the room, from your floors and counters to your walls and shower enclosures. For additional inspiration, compare quotes from several St Louis bathroom remodeling contractors in your neighborhood. The long lasting, professional results you get from working with an interior designer will be worth the extra cost. Rather than taking on your entire St Louis bathroom remodeling project on your own, look to a professional consultant for a fresh new point of view.

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