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Springfield bathroom remodeling is a great way to upgrade your home. New bathrooms can certainly increase the value of your Missouri home with a minimal amount of construction. Many people are choosing to do this thrifty remodel as way to increase the value of their home before they sell it without investing in a full home remodel. Others choose to Springfield bathroom remodeling simply because their current bathrooms are in disrepair. Bathrooms endure much wear and tear throughout the years and are often the first thing that MO residents are remodeling within their Springfield home. The construction is relatively easy and inexpensive. You can significantly improve any bathroom with a few simple new appliances, cabinets, shower heads, faucets, knobs, sinks, or even a new paint job.

Getting New Toilets

Many MO residents who invest in Springfield bathroom remodeling choose to replace their toilet as their first step. Consumers can pick up toilets at almost any home improvement store in Springfield and install them on their own, but it is safer to leave the installation to professionally licensed Missouri plumbers. There are a lot more possible roadblocks and hitches than you might think when replacing a toilet. Toilets are extremely heavy and need to be handled with professional care. Also, making sure the plumbing is not only perfect, but also within MO code, is the main reason you should hire a professional plumber. If you use the wrong material, pipe, or glue, you could create a major problem. Sometimes these problems do not manifest themselves right away, leaving you with the difficult task of finding where a leak is coming from.

Springfield bathroom remodeling is a great opportunity to get a new toilet. If your toilet is broken or simply dirty beyond repair then the right Missouri bathroom remodeling expert can assist you in finding a suitable replacement. Toilets come in different heights and various bowl sizes. You will want to choose a toilet that is both aesthetically pleasing and sized to perfection. There are also different materials used in toilet construction. Some lids are plastic, but most bases are fully porcelain. There are also an increasing variety of colors available. You will generally have to pay more for any color other than white, but the price increase is really quite minimal. Many Springfield bathroom remodeling are purchasing self-closing lids. Self-closing seats do not close themselves but they do prevent you lid from slamming loudly against the porcelain base. This not only protects your ears, but it saves the hinges and seat from such wear.


Springfield bathroom remodeling also often choose repainting a room as a simple upgrade. Repainting a bathroom requires a little more work and money then painting any other room in your Springfield house. You will need to use a more glossy, oil-based paint to protect your walls from the moisture. This paint is thicker and takes more care when painting, but it is the best choice in combatting the moisture. A new paint job will not only aesthetically freshen up your Springfield bathroom, but it can also protect your walls and their insides. The constant moisture and dampness of a shower can penetrate through drywall over time. Paint is really your first line of defense, so a new paint job could save you a ton of money in drywall repair in the long run.

New Showers

Other Springfield bathroom remodeling customers choose to replace their shower or some of the components therein. If you are not interested in completely remodeling the showers in your Springfield home then you may want to consider simply remodeling a few of its components. For instance, you can easily change out the showerhead. This will not cost much money but it may make your shower more efficient and you will not waste as much water. Many newer showerheads are specially designed to save you water, which of course means you will save money as well. You could also change out the faucets and knobs. This requires more expertise and time but it can also be well worth the task. Your showers and baths could be faster, hotter, and all over more efficient with these simple remodeling tips.

Springfield bathroom remodeling also often install a glass shower door where they once simply had a shower curtain. This makes your entire bathroom seems larger and more expensive. In a smaller room this could really up the value of your Springfield home's bathroom. Be sure to hire professional Springfield bathroom remodeling installers to handle the remodeling task, as the job requires the handling of larger, dangerous glass pieces. If you decide to rip out your tub or shower completely then make sure the replacement is the proper size and specifications for the room.

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