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Small Bathroom remodeling pictures can help you to come up with ideas for your tiny bathroom if you are thinking of remodeling it. You may think that remodeling a petite room can be difficult because the choices can be limited by the space. However, there are so many small bathroom remodeling pictures out there that show that is not the case. If you are thinking of doing a complete remodel, there are some great layout changes in small bathroom remodeling pictures that will show you how to make the most of your undersized space. And, small bathroom remodeling pictures can give you great ways to use decorative design elements to best work with and enhance your little space.

Keep it Simple

A common mistake that many people make when renovating a room is that they over decorate the space, and this can affect the remodel cost. In any room that is little, this is an even bigger problem as the over decorating makes the room seem even tinier than it already is. If you are thinking of embarking on a new renovation project in your tiny room, you will probably want to avoid buying too many trinkets or design elements that could take up a lot of counter or floor space. Instead, look through small bathroom remodeling pictures to find ideas for decorative elements that you can work into the actual design of the area. This could save you a significant amount of space in the end.

For example, rather than having a counter top towel rack, you can install one right into the wall so that is one less thing on your counter top. And, if you are tiling an area around your sink, you may consider putting in accessories like a toothbrush holder into your tile design. Many small bathroom remodeling pictures show great examples of how to add character and design to any room through paint color and decorative tile. They can give you just the right amount of character in a little space without having to add several other design elements. And, the great news is that they do not take up any additional space in the room.

Whatever paint color you choose to use, make sure that it is not too dark. Darker colors tend to make the walls seem as they are closing in making the room seem even more tiny. Choose light, fresh colors as these will tend to expand the room. If you choose to hang pictures, make sure that the pictures are not huge and over powering. However, if you have worked design elements into your room, you may not need to hang any decorative pictures.

Switch it Up

If you are open to doing a complete remodeling of your small space, you may want to think about changing the layout of your space. In order to do that, take the measurements of the perimeter of your small room. You can then reduce the measurements to fit on a standard piece of paper. With a ruler and a pencil draw a spec layout of the room. You may want to do two drawings, one that is empty of any fixtures, and one with the current placement of your toilet, sink, tub, and any other fixtures.

To play around with ideas for your new space, flip through bathroom remodeling pictures and gather together any layouts that you find appealing. If there is a toilet or sink that you like, find out the measurements and you can reduce the measurements by the same amount that you did your small bathroom space. Draw them onto a piece of paper and cut out the shape. Do this for each fixture you are thinking of getting. Take your paper cut out fixtures and play around with different layouts moving them around your bathroom layout on paper.

There are many great ideas for how to maximize the space of a small bathroom. You can find many of them in the pages of design magazines that feature small bathroom remodeling pictures. If you are working with a full bathroom, you could consider changing the bathtub to a stand up shower unit as it does not take up as much room. You could also change your sink cabinet to be a pedestal sink as it is much more small. Flip through a catalog of small bathroom remodeling pictures to find space saving fixtures that could work in your space.

At the beginning, end, and throughout the project, take a lot of small bathroom remodeling pictures so you can see the difference that your remodeling efforts have made in your space. It is very impressive to look at before and after pictures. These pictures show you exactly how your money was well spent on this small remodeling project.

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