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Doing a small bathroom remodel can be even more stressful than trying to do one for a larger restroom, because you're trying to fit more into a smaller space. Sometimes, you're trying to decide which features are the most important to you, so you can choose them and eliminate the rest. In addition, working with space constraints means that certain ideas just won't work, or will cost too much to implement, and this can be overwhelming when all you want to do is find a plan that will work.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are many small bathroom remodeling ideas that can work in your space. Even if your bathroom is very tiny, there are ways to upgrade it that will make you feel better about how it looks and that will make it function even better than it does now. While most ideas are made for larger rooms, there's no shortage of things you can do with a small space to remodel.

Start by deciding what you would like to fit into your small bathroom when you remodel it. Be sure to think along the lines of saving space. For instance, if you do not need a whole bathtub but could get by with just a shower instead, you may be able to fit more counter space or an extra sink in your small bathroom. Similarly, by eliminating counter space, you might be able to put in a full-length mirror or an extra towel bar, if that's what you would like to do.

A small bathroom remodel doesn't have to make your space feel crowded. By deciding what you do and do not need in your space, you'll be able to only install the features that make the most sense for how you use your restroom and what you want the space to do. For instance, if you are living with many people and sharing the one bathroom, it may be important for you to add extra storage space. On the other hand, if you live alone, you might want to splurge on the jacuzzi tub because you know you don't need any more counter space.

Somewhere in the process of generating ideas for your small bathroom remodel, be sure to look at pictures of what other people have done. Sometimes contractors have these, to showcase their work. Other times, you can ask friends and family for images of what they did when they changed their space. Books and magazines can offer ideas, too, especially if your small space is also quirky or oddly shaped, or if you want to include cutting-edge technology in your remodel.

How to Start a Small Bathroom Remodel

The first think you want to do when contemplating a small bathroom remodel is to decide what you would like to do with your space. You don't have to figure this out for sure, but it's good to have a set of ideas that you're going to go with unless something happens to change your mind. Your contractor may want to change things in the final product, but even then they will start based on your bathroom remodel ideas.

Next, you'll want to figure out how much you can spend on your small bathroom remodel. This means looking at your assets and investments to determine how much you already have that you could spend on remodeling your small space, but also examining how much value such a remodel will add to you home and whether it's worth taking out a loan to complete the project.

Once you know what you want to do and how much you can spend to do it, it's time to find yourself a bathroom remodel professional to help get the project off the ground. Even if you're only making small changes, it can be in your best interests to work with a contractor, as these people know how to get things done quickly and efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss to you.

Get quotes from multiple contractors before you make your final choice. After all, this gives you the chance to meet the contractor and get a feel for his personality, and it also gives you something sold that says how much the project should cost. With these in hand, it should be easy for you to make a final decision about contractors that is both informed and educated.

If your small bathroom remodel feels frustrating or overwhelming, take a step back. Remember that this should be, overall, an enjoyable process, and one that makes you feel better about yourself and your home. If you ever find that it's not doing that, give yourself a break. Even if you're in the middle of making an important decision, stepping away can give you the perspective you need to decide well and to feel good about your decision later.

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