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Small Bathroom Remodel Pictures

Small bathroom remodel pictures can help you come up with great ideas on the best way to remodel your small space into a useful and well designed bathroom. Even though your space may be small, there are still ways to remodel it and to add a personal touch. Paint colors, flooring, wall pictures and restroom fixtures are all important factors that affect how big the space can feel. By making the right choices while doing a remodel you can make your small room seem much bigger than it actually is. A catalog full of small bathroom remodel pictures can show you many examples of things you can do to revamp your drab space.

Pictures of Paint Color

If you are seeking to change the paint color in your small bathroom, be sure to choose a color that is lighter in tone. Dark colors tend to make a space feel small while light colors will make it feel much larger and open. And make that choose a type of paint for your update that is restroom safe, meaning can handle a lot of humidity and moisture, and is easy to clean. A glossy or semi-gloss would be a much better choice for a moisture resistant easy to clean paint than a flat paint. Consult some small bathroom remodel pictures for a palette of colors that may work for your project.

There may even be wall treatment techniques that can add some flair to your room. Any home improvement store will have a catalog in the paint department full of pictures of these techniques. You may even consider doing wallpaper or a border along the top of the wall to bring a theme or look to your area. Or look at pictures of tile to find options of tile designs to complement your motif. These extra little touches can enhance your design and complete your renovation project.

Pictures of Fixtures

Small tile bathroom remodel pictures can show you the many options that you have for fixtures as well. If you have a linen closet already, you make choose to put in a pedestal sink as it will take up less space than a full cabinet with a sink included. If your space is a full bathroom that includes a tub or a shower, you may consider looking at small bathroom remodel pictures that give examples of space saving bathing options. If it is a secondary bathroom that you are refurbishing, you may consider converting the existing tub into a more compact shower that will take up less space in the room. If you happen to see fixtures in another bathroom that you like, take pictures of them to share with your contractor so that they can help you find and purchase fixtures that are similar to those you like.

Small bathroom remodel pictures can also give you thoughts for little accents that can provide the finishing touches for your remodel project. Hand towels are a great way to carry out a theme and color of a well designed area. Also, candles are a wonderful accent to have and scented ones can be lit to add an ambiance and relaxing aroma to your powder room. Of course garbage cans, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and towel racks are all accents that can be selected to carry out a design concept as well.

Setting a Budget

Small bathroom remodel pictures will show a variety of renovation options that can range greatly in their cost. So, before you begin searching for new fixtures and paint colors, you may want to determine your set budget amount for the project. Remember to include the price of all materials, supplies and the installation of everything as well. And, ask your contractor to break down the quote to show labor, materials, and supplies.

If the quote exceeds your budget for the project you may talk to your contractor about possible ways to save money. They may be able to suggest options that are less time consuming on the install therefore saving in labor costs. Or, they may have ideas for less expensive materials that will have the same look that you are seeking. Remember that your contractor is the expert and is an excellent resource for design suggestions as well as ways to save money.

Even if your area is small, you can look through catalogs and magazines to find small bathroom remodel pictures to come up with a plan to remodel your powder room. Enter your zip code in the form above to begin obtaining free estimates for a remodel of your bathroom today. We will put you in touch with excellent contractors that can show you some small bathroom remodel pictures to help you narrow down your options for revamping your restroom.

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