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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small bathroom remodel ideas are a great help when looking to remodel any small bathroom space. If you do not live in a humungous house with an over sized bathroom, then you are likely to feel as though your space is slightly small. Although it is unrealistic to actually physically expand your small bathroom space, there are ways to make it feel larger than it actually is. When you remodel, there are ideas that can help you keep the cozy and intimate feeling that any bathroom should have while still making your space feel open and enlarged. Put your unique decorating style to work with some exceptional small bathroom remodel ideas.

However, it is important to remember that regardless of what the final look will be and review bathroom remodeling photos often. You are still working with a small bathroom space, so it is vital that you use small bathroom remodel ideas to complement the room. You will need to use small bathroom remodel ideas that include color, lighting, and accents that turn your stale cramped space into a relaxed retreat. A little bathroom, although unique, is no different than any other small space that you would look to remodel. There are some great ideas that are universal when doing a remodel on any small space.

Color is Key

What color ideas you choose to use to remodel your space is probably the most important decision you will make. Go with small bathroom remodel ideas that include pale soft colors. These colors do not crowd and seem to be further away therefore making the walls feel further away and the room larger then it is. It is wise to avoid small bathroom remodel ideas that involve dark, deep, or vibrant colors as they tend to jump off the wall and make the space seem tiny.

You should also use flooring that works with these small bathroom remodel ideas. This means, to use neutral flooring that is light in color as well. This will help to keep the space from closing in as well.

This does not, however, mean that your room has to be dull and boring. You can use these vibrant popping colors for the accent items in your room. So, use the bright lively colors for things like accent towels and toothbrush holder, and use the more muted colors for the overall background. Following these small bathroom remodel ideas for color will help to expand your cramped area.

The Importance of Lighting

Any room that is dimly lit is going to be have the appearance of being littler. That is why most ideas for these spaces include lighting as a main remodel point. Use things like wall sconces and recessed lighting to brighten up the area. However, it is a good idea to install lighting so that it can be adjusted to have various amounts of light in the area. For normal use bright lighting would be great, but for a nice romantic soak in the tub you may prefer something more dim.

Layout Ideas

There are also ideas that you can use to change the layout or physical construction of the room in order to give yourself more room. You could consider removing the bulky vanity cabinet from the area and replacing it with a less room hogging pedestal sink. This will help the room feel much more open than before and give you more floor area as well. Of course you will need to replace or relocate this storage space to an outside linen closet or put in a great storage solution like an over the toilet cabinet. But, if you do remove the sink cabinet then you will likely need to replace the floor and paint the walls so be sure those are included on the project as well.

You will also want to remove or rearrange things so that there are no accessories that jut out into the room and take up valuable space. Things like shelves, racks, and pictures should be placed in areas that are out of the way rather that in places that people walk by so that they do not feel as though the cut into the room. So place your towel hanging rack behind the door rather than along an open wall. And, hang any pictures above the sink rather than in open areas. And, remove any accessories that are not necessary as they are just space wasters.

Also, using mirrors can help create the illusion that there is more room. If paired with the right colors and lighting they will reflect them to expand the room. Consider using a pattern of mirrors as a decorative accent rather than a picture frame. Use all or some of these small bathroom remodel ideas and you will be satisfied with the end result.

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