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Scottsdale Bathroom Remodeling

Scottsdale bathroom remodeling brings new life to lackluster personal care spaces in this affluent Arizona community. Bathroom remodeling projects may encompass all of the fixtures in the room, from sinks and tubs to walls and floors, or simply address specific design issues. Whatever the scope of your Scottsdale bathroom remodeling project may be, you'll find that it's easier to explore the latest Arizona bathroom remodeling trends and gather quotes from qualified design experts when you use online technology to your advantage.

The sunshine, recreational opportunities and night lift in Scottsdale draw thousands of visitors to this desert oasis each year. Homeowners in Scottsdale like to keep their dwellings up to date with the latest decorating and design trends. Scottsdale bathroom remodeling concepts reflect the community's taste for luxury and its eye for natural beauty. A Scottsdale bathroom remodeling consultant can help you design a master bath, powder room or household bathroom that matches your lifestyle and reflects your personal tastes.

Wood in Bathroom Remodeling

Scottsdale bathroom remodeling trends range from contemporary to traditional. Many of the homes in this AZ community reflect the classic styles that have characterized bathroom decorating for years. If you have a taste for tradition, consider colors, materials and styles that reflect time tested decorating schemes. Wood is a natural material that's been used successfully in many traditional Scottsdale bathrooms. Polished oak, maple, cherry or mahogany create a sense of warmth and lend a distinguished beauty to your decor.

Many bathroom remodeling professionals prefer to use materials that are more water resistant than wood. If wood is not properly treated or protected against moisture, it can swell, expand or disintegrate under the effects of steam and direct water contact. When installing wood cabinets, floors, vanity components or countertops in bathing areas, it's important to choose materials that have been protected against these elements. To get the best results from this project, consult a local designer who has a background in wood installation for bathrooms.

Wood can be stained and finished in a variety of colors to set a certain mood in a room. Light maple cabinets have a honey-like luster, giving your decor a warm and inviting feeling. Dark, rich cherry or mahogany create a look of permanence and strength. Exotic woods like Brazilian cherry and tiger wood are more expensive than domestic species, but these imported products can lend a touch of luxury to your remodeling scheme.

Combine the rich hues of cherry or oak cabinets with marble, granite or travertine countertops to maximize your use of natural materials. You can replace worn, outdated laminate cabinets with customized new fixtures that add storage space to your Scottsdale bathroom remodeling project while updating your decorating scheme. Cabinet refacing is a less expensive option. By resurfacing old cabinets and installing new hardware, you can give these storage fixtures a facelift without spending a lot of extra money.

Antique mirrors, elegant window treatments and subtle illumination from wall sconces and overhead lights contribute to a traditional Scottsdale bathroom remodeling scheme. You can still enjoy the conveniences of the 21st century Arizona by installing radiant floor heating, mirror defoggers, towel warmers or steam fixtures in your Scottsdale home. Enjoy the best features of the past and the present by creating a traditional room that employs the latest efficient devices.

Rustic Bathroom Tiles

The city of Scottsdale is known for its outdoor recreational opportunities. Hiking, rock climbing and adventure sports are extremely popular in this area of Arizona, which offers plenty of open desert terrain for these activities. If you love spending time the great outdoors, you may prefer to create a rustic, natural decor as part of your Scottsdale bathroom remodeling plans. Rustic stone tiles add a sense of strength and rugged beauty to an AZ remodeling project.

Tumbled stone tiles are distressed to give them the appearance of weathered stone. The timeless character of the rock comes through in these products, bringing the beauty of nature into Scottsdale homes. Tumbled slate, limestone or travertine are available in a rainbow of earthy colors, from pale ivory and yellow to right brown, gray and gold. Tumbled tile mosaics bring a touch of the ancient world to a contemporary AZ decor. Combine tumbled tiles with faucets and hardware in a natural brass or a brushed nickel finish for a rustic look.

Scottsdale bathroom remodeling themes should reflect your personal tastes, your favorite activities and your lifestyle. Budget is also a key concern for many homeowners. While a complete remodel can be a costly proposition, it can also add to the value of your property considerably. Look for ways to trim your costs by shopping for cabinets or fixtures at discount home improvement outlets. Compare quotes from multiple design professionals using the convenient features on our site before you make a decision.

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