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Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling is a great way to remodel your California home. Many CA residents are remodeling their bathrooms for many reasons. First, many Santa Rosa residents love the facts that remodeling their bathrooms is an affordable home improvement project that will greatly increase the value of your Santa Rosa home. Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling is also a very effective way to make your home more comfortable and functional. Perhaps the best thing about upgrading your bathrooms is that you can handle the task all at once or in bits and pieces. You only need to commit to remodeling what your can fit into your budget and schedule.

Increasing Home Value

Many California residents choose Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling to increase the value of their home. Compared to other home improvement projects, remodeling a bathroom is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. At the same time, it will greatly increase the value of your Santa Rosa home. Because of this, many Santa Rosa residents choose to remodel their bathrooms before they put their home on the market. Appraisers and real estate agents suggest that you remodel your bathrooms before you sell your home because it is very attractive to potential buyers. Bathrooms can take a beating over the years and potential buyers closely investigate their condition. Recently California remodeled bathrooms can help you to fetch the best possible price for your Santa Rose home.

If you are not looking to sell your CA home you should still consider the many benefits of Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling. New bathrooms can make your home much more comfortable and clean. Often the wear and tear that bathrooms are subject to gets to a point where they are irreparable. When it gets to this point, many Santa Rosa resident decide to completely remodel their bathrooms. Old bathroom faucets and toilets can waste water and be less water efficient. With newer technology, your new bathroom will definitely help you to be more environmentally friendly.

Putting In New Showers

The first thing that many Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling customers choose to upgrade is their shower. As showers age they become less efficient and out of style. But, it is not always necessary to completely tear out your existing tub or shower basin. Many customers choose to simply switch out and upgrade components that are in disrepair or out of date. It is always a good idea to start with a new showerhead. A new showerhead will probably not use as much water as your current showerhead without sacrificing water pressure. Also, it is smart to change out the handles and faucets of your shower at the same time that you upgrade the showerhead. You can buy coordinating faucets and showerheads that will make your shower and entire bathroom look new, clean, and current. In fact, many Santa Rosa homeowners with older homes upgrade their shower components solely for stylistic purposes.

Many CA residents go a step further and use Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling to completely tear out and replace their shower basin or bathtub. Bathtubs come in various sizes, shapes, styles, and prices. More expensive tubs will have jets and massaging streams. These are the most expensive tubs. Less expensive tubs without so many features can be purchased as well. No matter what your budget is though, you should be able to find a new tub or shower basin that fits into your budget and into the style of your home.

Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling customers are increasingly having custom tile laid in their showers. This is a much more expensive option that a tub bottom shower, but it allows you more freedom in designing your bathroom. Tiled showers can last the lifetime of your home because the material is so strong, but it does take some maintenance to ensure that the grout lines do not get damaged.

Upgrading Your Toilet

When you invest in bathroom remodeling it is also a great time to upgrade your toilet. Toilets today are more inexpensive than ever. Modern toilets can also save a lot of water. A new toilet, combined with a new showerhead, will allow you to be substantially more environmentally friendly. There is a surprisingly wide array of toilet options available. Toilets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and material. There are wood, porcelain, and plastic lids and seats. Most toilets are essentially white porcelain, but they do come in different bowl sizes and heights.

Before you invest in a new toilet for your Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling make sure that you choose the appropriate sized toilet. If you make smart remodeling decisions you can end up with new bathrooms that are beautiful and functional. Santa Rosa bathroom remodeling is a truly great home improvement project for your California home.

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