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Santa Ana bathroom remodeling themes run the gamut from sunny and colorful to soothing and neutral. Every homeowner has unique ideas about what makes a bathroom visually appealing and functionally efficient. Although you can learn a great deal about renovating or decorating a bathroom by exploring the latest trends in magazines or online galleries, your remodeling results should ultimately reflect your own personal tastes and lifestyle.

Situated near the Santa Ana Mountains, the city of Santa Ana has a long history in CA. The city was incorporated in 1886, and its US Army base provided training for the Air Force during World War II. Today, Santa Ana is still graced by a number of elegant older buildings, like the Bowers Museum and the Old Orange County Courthouse. Homes in this city feature a range of architectural styles, from classic California bungalows to contemporary dwellings. Santa Ana bathroom remodeling meets homeowners' needs throughout this vibrant community.

Creative Bathroom Tiling Projects

Santa Ana bathroom remodeling projects give you the opportunity to explore new materials, colors, textures and styles. If you've had the same laminate counters and linoleum floors in your bathroom for years, it's time to think about remodeling your space by replacing outdated fixtures with new, creative decorating schemes. Tile is the perfect medium for expressing your creativity in your Southern California bathroom.

Ceramic, porcelain, stone or glass tiles can transform a lackluster space into a private retreat, an elegant guest bath or a fun family room. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, your Santa Ana remodeling project can take any direction you choose. Use tiles in select areas of your room, like the vanity, backsplash and show enclosure, or surround the perimeter of the room with tiled wainscoting. Tile can merge subtly into the background of your decor, or draw attention through a display of mosaics or focal point designs.

Combining tiling materials is a creative way to make your Santa Ana decor more stylish while saving money on the cost of your Santa Ana bathroom remodeling project. Select an affordable type of tile, such as ceramic or porcelain, to line the majority of your surfaces. Use a more expensive, eye-catching product, like glittering glass tiles, to create borders, patterns and focal points around the sink, tub or toilet.

Create unique geometric patterns using different sizes and shapes of tile on your backsplash, walls or bath enclosure. Round tiles, rectangular subway tiles and hexagonal honeycomb tiles add a unique personal touch to your Santa Ana bathroom remodeling project. Remodeling your floors, shower cabin and backsplash can be one of the most rewarding parts of this project when you take advantage of the rainbow of hues and patterns that you have to choose from.

Hand painted tiles can be combined on a counter or backsplash to create a custom mural of flowers, fruit, birds or abstract shapes. In a children's room, let your kids participate in this creative remodeling project by hand painting tiles of their own to integrate into the decor. Your Santa Ana bathroom remodeling plans can be even more rewarding when you involve your whole family. In the years ahead, these small works of art will become part of your family's history in your CA home.

Upgrading Bathroom Hardware

Over the years, the faucets, cabinet handles and other hardware in your CA home can begin to look grimy and dated. Hard water deposits, soap scum and mildew can build up on these fixtures, detracting from their appearance. Sometimes it seems that no matter how clean you keep your Santa Ana home, the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms never regains that stylish, shiny appearance it had when it was new. As part of your remodeling project, think about replacing old hardware with new, updated versions of the same fixtures.

Although replacing cabinet handles may not seem like a major change, you might be surprised at how much more modern your cabinets look when you've replaced the hardware. Even these small accents can make a noticeable difference in the way your California home looks to friends and family. Add a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets instead of replacing these units, and you'll save money on your Santa Ana bathroom remodeling project while brightening the room.

Buying new faucets, towel racks and shower heads is a relatively small investment. However, the minor details of a Santa Ana bathroom remodeling plan can add up to a more aesthetically pleasing space that truly reflects your personal style. If you've had ornate accessories in your room for years, think about replacing them with subtle, contemporary designs. If you've lived with the same minimalist hardware for a long time, consider more ornate accessories. Santa Ana bathroom remodeling lets you update your environment to reflect your lifestyle.

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