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San Francisco bathroom remodeling ideas set the trend for Northern California. The city of San Francisco is at the forefront of style in CA, and homeowners in this city are eager to try new products or California design concepts when they're remodeling this important space. In this global hub of fashion, culture, finance and high tech, sophistication and energy conservation are as important as efficiency.

Cost is also a key concern when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. Comparing quotes from reliable San Francisco remodeling experts can be your first step in finding a professional who can help you make this most of this home improvement project. Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most effective ways to boost your property's value. Take the time to find a licensed, experienced remodeling contractor whose tastes and preferences correspond with your own.

High Tech Bathroom Products

The San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of research and development, and residents are always seeing new advances in the technology they use every day. While some homeowners like to try the latest high tech bathroom gadgets out of a sense of novelty and innovation, others seek out specific products that can make their personal care easier, more comfortable or more efficient. High tech products can add the finishing touches to your San Francisco bathroom remodeling project, or become the focus of your California remodel, depending on your needs.

Radiant floor heaters make chilly, foggy mornings in San Francisco much more bearable. Walking across a toasty floor is more pleasant than stepping on cold tile. Radiant floor heating has been available for generations in various forms. If your San Francisco bathroom remodeling project includes laying a new tile floor, a radiant heating system can easily be installed underneath. The system consists of a series of slender electrical cables that are installed below the tiles. Mirror defoggers are another modern gadget that make personal care easier.

Sustainable household products have become an important concern for many California homeowners, and San Francisco bathroom remodeling concepts reflect this environmental focus. Water conserving bathroom fixtures are becoming more innovative all the time. Low flush toilets have been available for some time, but these products have been enhanced with features like bacteria-resistant surfaces that minimize your family's exposure to germs. New toilets are also more powerful and easier to for the average homeowner to install.

The fast paced Northern CA lifestyle can cause a great deal of stress, and personal spa systems have become a popular way for San Francisco homeowners to unwind. Personal spa systems may be installed in shower enclosures or in specialized tubs. These systems include multiple shower heads or jets that can be electronically programmed to deliver varying degrees of pressure. A personal spa system can become the focal point of a San Francisco bathroom remodeling project if you make a customized shower or tub the center of your retreat.

Remodeling a Small Bathroom

The city of San Francisco is famous for its hilly terrain and its unique architecture. From modern high rise condominiums to the classic Victorian gingerbread houses, the city's homes feature a wide range of layouts. In older homes, it's not uncommon to have smaller bathrooms. It's not always possible to increase square footage in this area of the home, but with strategic San Francisco bathroom remodeling plans, you can make the most of your space.

If you can't modify a room's dimensions, you can include smaller fixtures in your San Francisco bathroom remodeling project. Small toilets, sinks and tubs are available through specialty retailers. Certain fixture designs lend themselves to small spaces, like corner sinks and wall-hung sinks and toilets. Wall-hung fixtures also make cleaning easier, because they leave the space below the fixture unobstructed by a pedestal. A slender pedestal sink can be an efficient addition to a smaller CA floor plan.

Small bathtubs can be purchased through specialty vendors or even through major home improvement outlets. Some manufacturers will design smaller tubs that are custom built to fit tiny bathrooms. A personal whirlpool may also be an appealing option if you want to create a mini spa with your San Francisco bathroom remodeling project. If you're tall, or your room is simply too small for a bathtub, consider a luxury shower with a tiled enclosure and a personal spa system.

When you're buying small fixtures, make sure that the basins, bowls and faucets are large enough to accommodate you and the others who share your house. San Francisco bathroom remodeling ideas for small rooms may also include enlarging a window to create more light, installing mirrors to enhance visual depth or repainting dark walls a lighter color to augment space. The extent of your remodel depends on how far your imagination, your household's needs and your budget take you.

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