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San Diego bathroom remodeling projects can transform an out of date, inefficient room into a striking, highly functional space. Whether you're looking for luxury ideas for a contemporary California master bathroom or organizational projects for a busy family bath, a San Diego bathroom remodeling consultant can help you achieve the results you want. In this stylish coastal city, homeowners use bathroom remodeling projects to make this important area of the home more aesthetically appealing and functional.

As the second largest city in California, San Diego is home to a number of talented bathroom remodeling contractors. When you're selecting a CA contractor, look for a professional with the right credentials, a permanent place of business, a tax ID number and an extensive portfolio or list of CA references. Choose a San Diego remodeling professional whose tastes correspond with your own. Most remodeling professionals can show you photos of their prior bathroom remodeling projects, so you can develop a sense of their style.

Walk In Shower Remodeling

Research and development, education, the military and tourism contribute to the San Diego economy. San Diego homeowners have busy careers and active lives, and many of them don't have time for long, hot baths. If you and your family tend to use your shower more often than the tub, and space is limited in your bathroom, focus your San Diego bathroom remodeling ideas on making your shower larger, more efficient and more visually appealing.

A shower can be as relaxing as a bath, especially if you include steam shower heads in your remodel. You can turn your CA shower cabin into a miniature steam room by installing a built in bench and steam fixtures. Line the cabin with ceramic or glass tiles in soothing colors that set a calming tone for this personal time. If your room is small, a glass door on your shower cabin will make the room appear larger by integrating the shower area into the overall space.

Walk in showers may be fully enclosed for privacy, or partially enclosed for convenience, ventilation and open space. The layout you choose for this area will depend on the number of people who use the room and their privacy needs. Enclosed stalls may be best for households with privacy-conscious teens. Partially enclosed or open showers may be most appropriate for couples or for single homeowners who live alone. Prefabricated walk in cabins made from fiberglass can be installed in your space as part of your San Diego bathroom remodeling project.

Your shower enclosure can be designed in a number of shape, from the traditional square or rectangular cabins to the more contemporary quadrants or D shaped enclosures. Review photos of San Diego bathroom remodeling projects for ideas on enclosure shape, layout and tiling designs. Your San Diego shower can be the showcase of the room when you apply your creativity to San Diego bathroom remodeling ideas.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

The vanity is one of the key areas of your personal care space, and finding the right countertop and backsplash materials is an important part of your San Diego bathroom remodeling project. The backsplash is the area behind the sink, often extending the length of the vanity, that protects the wall against water splashes. When you wash your hands or face or brush your teeth, the backsplash prevents flying droplets of water from damaging painted walls.

Because of its role in water protection, a backsplash is generally made of ceramic, porcelain or glass tile. This component may also be made of granite, marble, travertine or another natural stone. Engineered stone, or quartz, is an eye catching alternative to the more costly options, like marble or granite. Backsplash material is often composed of the same material as the counters, but in some projects, these components may be constructed differently.

A backsplash doesn't have to be a solid slab of tile, quartz or marble. Backsplashes can be tiled with a mosaic of small glass tiles in a rainbow of colors. A backsplash can also feature a striking design of geometrically arranged ceramic tiles that focuses attention on the vanity. This feature can become one of the stylish focal points of your project if you apply your imagination and seek inspiration from magazines or online photo galleries.

Pictures of San Diego homes with elegant, up to the minute bathrooms will inspire you to try new San Diego bathroom remodeling ideas in your California home. Compare estimates from the most qualified San Diego bathroom remodeling contractors in Southern California to find a professional who offers the services you need at affordable rates. Finding talented contractors in this populous area isn't difficult, but narrowing your choices to a single team may be more challenging. Use our online features to request quotes from the best local consultants.

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