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San Antonio bathroom remodeling can transform the way you feel about this area of your home. If the colors, fabrics surfaces in your current bathroom are uninviting or out of date, spending time in this space may have a negative effect on your mood. By brightening your Texas bathing environment with fresh colors, modifying the layout of the room and installing unique new fixtures, you may elevate your spirits while boosting the resale value of your Texas home.

The city of San Antonio draws visitors from all over the country to admire its historic architecture. From the famous Alamo and the Cathedral of San Fernando to the contemporary buildings along the River Walk, San Antonio is graced by structures that represent a wide range of architectural styles. San Antonio is also home to the McNay Art Museum, the first museum of modern art in TX. You can turn your home into your own personal work of art with creative San Antonio bathroom remodeling projects.

Painting Ideas for Bathrooms

Whether you're remodeling your bathroom from floor to ceiling or just making a few changes in the room's decor, a fresh coat of paint can brighten your new space. The color and type of paint you choose can affect the mood of the room and the atmosphere you're trying to create. Before you settle on a paint color or a set of colors, think about the way you want to feel when you're in your San Antonio bathroom.

If you're remodeling your bathroom in order to turn a functional space into a soothing retreat, look for calming colors. Some TX homeowners like to relax in the warm glow of a room painted with yellow, gold or primrose notes. Others prefer the underwater serenity of blue, green and aquamarine. If your remodeling goals center around a minimalist decor, consider neutral shades like ivory, pearl or sand for your San Antonio bathroom remodeling color palette.

If you want to create a decor that will uplift and invigorate you, consider bold, bright shades of red, yellow, violet or lime green. Don't be afraid to venture into areas of the color wheel that are usually considered off limits when remodeling bathrooms. While pale pinks, blues and off whites may have been standards for San Antonio bathroom remodeling in the past, Texas homeowners are taking more chances these days. As you explore new shades for your remodeling ideas, take paint chips home to see how they'll look in your lighting scheme.

As you plan your San Antonio bathroom remodeling project, consider how your room will affect the paints you choose. Semi glossy or glossy paints are more resistant to moisture in high traffic Texas bathrooms. When you're painting an entire wall, a semi gloss may be easier on the eyes than a full gloss, which can look overbearingly shiny on larger spaces. If you're designing a powder room for guests at your San Antonio gatherings, a matte paint can add a stylish touch to your remodeling project.

Maximizing Natural Light

San Antonio bathroom remodeling projects often lead TX homeowners to reconsider the lighting in this important area. Without adequate light, tasks like shaving, applying makeup, washing your face or styling your hair can be difficult and time consuming. Natural daylight can enlarge a small San Antonio room or maximize the space in a larger bath. For privacy reasons, many homeowners are hesitant to enlarge their windows. Fortunately, there are ways to admit more light in your San Antonio bathroom remodeling plan without sacrificing privacy.

Skylights, glass brick walls and semi-sheer window treatments allow you to bring more daylight into your room without giving up that sense of seclusion that many homeowners love. An operable skylight can maximize ventilation in a small half-bath while filling the room with sunshine. Glass brick admits light into a room without providing any visibility from the outside. A segment of glass brick in a shower or tub enclosure can create the impression that you're bathing outdoors in the sunlight.

If your windows are shielded by frosted glass, consider replacing the glass with a sheer or semi sheer window treatment. Pretty, sheer fabrics or pull down shades invite light into the room while maintaining your privacy. Mini blinds give you more control over airflow and ventilation, two important considerations in any San Antonio bathroom remodeling project.

San Antonio bathroom remodeling concepts can change the way this familiar area looks and feels. In your busy life, you need a room that offers you some relaxing personal time in the evening. In the morning, when household activity is usually at its peak, an efficient and comfortable bathroom makes you look forward to starting the day. Compare quotes from multiple contractors on the cost of creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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