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Rochester Bathroom Remodeling

A Rochester bathroom remodeling plan will help you stay on track with your remodeling budget as you're improving this important area of your NY home. It's easy to go over your projected limit once you've started remodeling a New York bathroom. Once you've made improvements to your tiling, walls or flooring, you may decide that you need new fixtures, hardware or accents. Leave enough room in your Rochester bathroom remodeling budget for incidental expenses that may not have occurred to you when you first started.

As one of the largest economic centers in the state of New York, Rochester is home to several Fortune 500 companies. Residents of Rochester have a wealth of opportunities for career advancement, educational development, recreation, social activity and cultural enrichment. In this diverse, vibrant community, home remodeling lets you maintain a personal living space that fits your needs and preferences. Rochester bathroom remodeling should accommodate your lifestyle while making personal care more efficient and rewarding.

Bathroom Countertop Remodeling

Every surface in your bathroom contributes to the room's overall decor, including countertops. Countertops play key roles in both the appearance and functionality of a Rochester bathroom. Counters provide a space to arrange cosmetics, cleansers or electrical appliances, or a setting to display personal mementos or decorative accents. Your counter provides a backdrop for the sink and backsplash, two unique decorating elements that serve functions of their own in Rochester households.

While countertops are indispensable fixtures for many New York homeowners, too much counter space can detract from other areas of your layout. An excessively long countertop can attract clutter while preventing you from utilizing space for a larger shower enclosure, a floor to ceiling cabinet or a second sink. If your Rochester countertop is too long, consider replacing it with a shorter model in your Rochester bathroom remodeling project to make better use of your room's square footage.

The materials you choose when remodeling a counter space can make a significant difference in the way the room looks and feels. Marble, granite, limestone or travertine lend an authentic beauty and a sense of luxury to a Rochester bathroom remodeling scheme. In a children's room, consider laminate counters in fun, colorful patterns that will may make your kids look forward to washing their hands or brushing their teeth. If you love the strength and enduring appearance of granite but you're on a tight budget, consider an affordable substitute like quartz.

Your backsplash, the area behind the sink that protects the wall from moisture, can either be an extension of the counter or a separate remodeling feature. If you choose a simple white tile counter, you can design a more elaborate backsplash with painted tiles or even a border of glittering blue glass tile. In a small NY space, you can install a large mirror that extends all the way to your counter, enlarging the area. Subway tiles give your counters and backsplash a stylish, retro look, while pebble tiles offer an exotic alternative to porcelain or ceramic.

Maximizing Bathroom Storage

Finding space to store appliances, hair accessories, make-up and towels is a challenge in many New York households. Regardless of the size of your Rochester room, it may seem that your cabinets, shelves and counters are always overflowing. Easy additions to your Rochester bathroom remodeling project, like hanging wall organizers or floating shelves, can provide a quick solution to some of your storage needs. If you have a sink with underlying cabinets, consider replacing large cupboards with drawers or shelves for more efficient storage.

While stand alone pedestal sinks add grace and beauty to Rochester bathroom remodeling projects, these fixtures don't allow a lot of extra room to store cleaning products, extra supplies or towels. A vanity with drawers, counters and a mirror may be a more functional, storage-friendly option. Consider installing accent shelving alongside the mirror to store small items like cosmetics, perfume or jewelry boxes.

In a cramped NY room, a low profile floor to ceiling cabinet can provide space for towels, linens and toilet paper. Look for available wall space that could be converted into a storage area with built-in shelving or wall niches. Many homeowners could make more use of their vertical spaces by installing an array of recessed niches or an attractive set of cabinets. Expand your Rochester bathroom remodeling ideas to accommodate the need to store personal items.

Rochester bathroom remodeling contractors can evaluate your room from a professional perspective, giving you valuable advice on how to make the area more efficient. Before you hire a professional, compare estimates from several qualified individuals in your community. In a city that's home to many gifted home design specialists, online technology makes it easy to get in touch with multiple contractors from the comfort of your home.

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