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Reno bathroom remodeling can be done any time of the year. With the desert climate in Reno you can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you want. Some other states have weather that never wants to cooperate and it can be difficult to get remodeling work done. Since you have such a wide open window of time in Nevada you need to make sure that you pin down a good time so that you can get your Reno bathroom remodeling work going in the right direction.

Talking Toilets

Whenever you are doing Reno bathroom remodeling you may be trying to figure out if you want to change your toilet or not. Unless you utterly detest your toilet you probably do not need to change it during remodeling your NV home. Toilets can last for a very long time and are usually pretty easy to repair. Instead of spending a great amount of money getting a new toilet for your NV bathroom you can get the parts and repair it yourself or you can get a professional to do the work for you.

Even if you do not want to get a new toilet you may have to take your toilet out during Reno bathroom remodeling. This would most likely be because you are putting new flooring down in your NV bathroom. Putting the toilet back in isn't really a problem but you will likely have to put in a new wax seal and depending on the type of flooring you may also have to put some additional cushion down so the toilet will not rock or shift.

If you do end up needing to replace your toilet using your Reno bathroom remodeling, you may want to look into low flush toilets for your Nevada home. These toilets usually end up paying for themselves in the long run and they can be very helpful to the environment. If you are not familiar with which of the brands or models would be the best for you then I suggest that you speak with a bathroom remodeling professional in Nevada that can help you with your bathroom questions.

Expanding Your Bathroom

Some people want to do some serious Reno bathroom remodeling. If you are one of the people that is interested in expanding your bathroom in your Reno home then you need to think about your remodeling budget. Having a proper budget to finish up a task this big is very important. You do not want to get into the middle of expanding your bathroom and find out that your remodeling fund is running low.

There are a couple of ways that you can expand this room in your Reno home. The most popular way is just taking over another room in the house that is not being used anyway. This is common whenever children move out of the home or the junk room finally got cleaned out. Another way that you can expand this room during remodeling is taking out a wall in your Reno home.

Whenever you have a project that is this major, it is important that you think about hiring a professional from Reno that knows how to do big Reno bathroom remodeling projects. Taking on something of this size on your own without any experience is almost a recipe for disaster. You can get the help that you need and make sure that you do not damage your Reno home.

Improving Your Shower Experience

If you love taking showers but you wish there was a little something more to go along with them there is hope. Each year they come out with more high tech equipment to make our lives easier. There are more gadgets for your home now than there ever has been.

If you have ever been scalded in the shower then you may be looking for a solution. Almost all new homes are going to have an anti scald device or it can be added afterwards. You could also get a pressure balance valve put in during Reno bathroom remodeling but this would cause the delivery of the shower water to be diminished to keep the temperate within about three degrees of what you set it. A more expensive option,the best solution, is a thermostatic value. This value keeps the water temperature constant when you are in the shower and still lets you get the maximum flow.

There are many different things to think about when doing Reno bathroom remodeling. Make sure that you do not leave out anything that you want since this is your chance to make this the room of your dreams. There are so many different options that it could be hard for you to choose what you want to change. Talk it over with a professional and make the best decisions for your home.

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