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Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Remodeling small bathrooms can be frustrating because your options may seem limited. However, you should look at it as exciting endeavor since remodelling gives you an opportunity to discover a more effective way to arrange the layout of your space. And, when remodeling small bathrooms you have the ability to add more space saving design features to your room as well. If you are considering remodeling small bathrooms in your home, then check out these great remodeling tips before you begin to make the most out of your small space. These ideas all have varying cost to meet virtually any budget.

Maximize your Space

The greatest annoyance in small bathrooms is the lack of storage space. But, fortunately there are ways to remodel small bathrooms to be more useful. Consider installing an over the toilet storage cabinet. In many bathroom, the space above the toilet is often wasted or sometimes used to display decorative items only. But, by installing an inexpensive storage cabinet for above this area you not only add to the visual appeal of the room but have given yourself more convenient storage space.

If you are remodeling small bathrooms for which the laundry space is located on a lower level, consider working in a laundry chute to your remodeling blueprints. This is not only a convenient feature to have, but will mean you will not have to make room for a bulky laundry hamper in your already cramped space. This is an especially easy possibility to execute if the laundry room is located directly below the area you are remodeling. Talk to your contractor to see if a laundry chute would be an easy addition to your plan. Even if you think your layout would not allow for a laundry chute, talk to your contractor as they may be able to think of some creative ways to make it happen in one of your bathrooms.

From Tub to Shower

When remodeling small bathrooms it could be beneficial to consider swapping out the tub for a much more compact remodeled shower instead. Especially if there are other bathrooms in the house that offer a tub. A shower can require less than half the space that a full tub does which means there is space left over things like a laundry hamper. You may even consider using this new found space to make a built in closet for your towels and linens. When you are remodeling small bathrooms, the addition of a storage space for your towels definitely adds to the practicality of your small space.

If you already have a storage closet or are planning on installing one, then you may consider replacing that bulky sink cabinet for a much less space consuming small pedestal sink. Bathrooms with a pedestal sink tend to feel larger than they are as there is more room to move around. Remodeling to a basic white pedestal sink will give you a versatile base to decorate around as well. And keeping with a toilet that is narrow will also best utilize your area. Ask your contractor if they have any recommendations for fixtures that will give you more liberty.

Keep it Light and Simple

When remodeling small bathrooms, it is a good thought to stay with light paint colors for the walls. Dark colors tend to make a room feel tiny while light colors expand the room and give it an appearance of being larger than it is. The same is true for patterns as wallpaper with larger patterns will also make the room feel tiny. It would also be wise to keep the tiles used in small bathrooms light and neutral as well. If you are unsure about a specific tile or paint color, consult the opinion of your skilled contractor as they have years of experience using design techniques to enhance a space.

As you add the finishing touches to your remodeling project, be sure to select elements that work for the size of the area as well. For example, if you intend to hang pictures on the walls, choose ones that are sized to fit within the room. And, do not add too many decorative elements as they will also make the room feel cramped again. Even a simple thing like keeping a counter top free of too many accessories like soap dish, toothbrush holder, tissue dispenser, and various toiletries can help.

Remodeling small bathrooms

Remodeling small bathrooms can be fun because creativity is required to make the more practical and appealing. Whether you decide to make major remodeling changes like switching from a full bathtub to a shower, or you simply update the paint color to open up the room, the modifications you make can make a huge difference.

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