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Remodel your bathroom to increase the value of and enhance the beauty of your home. If the fixtures in the space are outdated or damaged it may be time to remodel your bathroom. Or, if the floor or walls have some water damage it is very important that you remodel your bathroom immediately to make sure that it does not turn into an out of control mold problem. If you are satisfied with the space but would like to change key things to better match your style you may choose to begin a renovation of the space as well.

How Much to Remodel

A bathroom renovation project can range from basic to a complete overhaul of the current space. If you like the layout and the room is like a blank canvas ready to be brought to life you may want to keep the remodel fairly basic. By changing the lighting, painting the walls, and adding decorative enhancements you could give the space a great facelift.

But, if the room is in desperate needs of a more intense bathroom tile renovation, it is going to take a lot more time and money. You may be looking at replacing fixtures like the sink, toilet, or bathtub. Or, you may be thinking of changing the entire layout of the room. If the bathroom is in very poor condition your contractor may even recommend replacing wall joists, drywall, windows, and more. But, whether the remodel job is basic or complex you should start by preparing a plan for the project as this plan will help make sure that you have considered all of your options and will be completely satisfied with the end result.

Budgeting for the New Bathroom

The cost to remodel the bathroom will range greatly based on the intensity of the renovation. Very simply, the more you plan to remodel, the more the project will cost. Most often, the items included in the renovation depend greatly on how much you are able to allocate for the budget of this project. Some people take money from savings to make these types of home improvements happen, while others seek out a home equity loan for the bulk of expenses. You will need to know how the budget is going to be funded before you can establish a final budget amount.

You will need to involve the contractor as you finalize the budget. It is possible for you to come up with estimates of what you are comfortable spending to remodel your bathroom, but you will need a free estimate from the contractor to see if the budget is at all realistic in the end. If the free estimate is more than what you are able to allocate to the project, talk to the contractor about possible ways to cut expenses. For example, you may need the contractor to handle all of the plumbing duties but you are able to lay the tile flooring yourself. Most contractors will be willing to work with you to meet both your project and budget goals.

Prepare for the Project

If you are doing a more intense remodel of the bathroom you may need to apply for permits with the city. If you are working with a contractor they should know what permits may be required for the job. Make sure that you apply for an necessary permits early so that the project is not delayed because you are waiting on a required permit.

And, if you are planning on changing the layout when you remodel your bathroom you will want to work closely with your contractor as it is much more complex than rearranging the furniture in the living room. Behind the walls of the bathroom is an intricate world of plumbing and electrical wiring. Any structural changes as you remodel your bathroom could greatly impact and be dependent on the plumbing and electrical system. For example, if you plan on moving the sink and vanity area, not only will the plumbing need to be relocated, but you will want to move the electrical outlets and accessibility for vanity lighting as well. When you work with a skilled contractor they can help you address each of those issues as you remodel your bathroom.

As you remodel your bathroom, there are certain things that you should keep in mind that are often overlooked. If you plan on redoing the walls around the bathtub or shower, be sure to use special moisture resistant drywall which is often referred to as green board. This will help prevent any water damage in that area in the future. If you are installing a prefabricated bathtub or shower unit when you remodel your bathroom, be sure that you have measured to make sure that it will fit through all of the doors required to get to the space.

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