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Remodel A Small Bathroom

To remodel a small bathroom, you should make a budget before you decide what upgrades you plan to make. Even the smallest bathrooms can be greatly upgraded to make them more functional, valuable, and beautiful. Even when you remodel a small bathroom, you can increase the value of your home. This is a very cost effective DIY bathroom renovation job because it is inexpensive and much of the construction can be done without professional help. You can upgrade small components and certain elements in your bathroom to make the project very affordable and quick. By upgrading small bathrooms in your home you can make your home much more valuable and attractive to potential buyers. If you invest smartly, your small remodel will hugely increase the value and style of your house.

Changing The Toilet

If you remodel a small bathroom you should always consider changing out the toilet. When it comes to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom, you need to know that that are many different style and sizes of toilets. You should measure and check the specifications of your current toilet to make sure you get the right side. Most toilets have universally sized mounts. But, there are various bowl sizes and seat heights. So, you do not necessarily need to order the same exact size toilet for you room. However, you do need to make sure that your new toilet will fit within your room. The best part about upgrading your toilets is that modern toilets are more energy efficient. They use significantly less water than older toilets.

Upgrading Your Showers

If you choose to remodel a small bathroom you should think about upgrading your shower. There are many different ways that you can remodel your showers. First, you can completely rip out the entire existing shower and replace it with a new shower basin. This is a very effective way to redefine the style of your rooms, but it will be a more expensive remodel. The other option is to simply change out the components and elements that need to be upgraded. This option is obviously less expensive, but it can greatly change the look of any small bathroom if you choose the right upgrades.

If you decide to tear out your entire shower basin or bathtub then there are many different replacement options. Tearing out your shower or tub basin can be a very messy and labor intensive process. This also gives you the chance to put in a completely new type of shower. You can put in a tile shower basin. This is more expensive and the installation process is also more intensive. If you invest in a custom tile shower you have much freedom in design. You can mix and match tiles to make a mosaic that will give your bathroom remodel an amazingly unique look. Tile is also great because it is very durable and perfect for shower construction. You should know however, that tile grout needs to be properly treated and cared for.

When you remodel a small bathroom it is also possible to replace your shower basin with a precast module. These are less expensive and very durable options. They are usually constructed of vinyl or fiberglass, so they are very easy to maintain. If you have a bathtub in your bathrooms you can upgrade the tub during the remodel. You can install a tub with jets. Jetted tubs are great additions to any small bathroom. These are definitely more expensive options. Before you invest in a jetted tub, be sure that you will actually use all of its functions. Many homeowners regret investing in jetted bathtubs because they hardly use all of their expensive features.

To remodel a small bathroom you need to coordinate all of your replacement components. That is to say, you should make your sink faucets match with your shower faucets. If you coordinate the stylistic elements within your small bathroom, it will look much more put together and stylish. When you remodel a small bathroom you should make sure to first replace the components that need to be fixed. If your sink is leaky or your shower door is in disrepair, these should be the first things that you budget for. When you remodel a small bathroom it is a great way to increase the style of your room and make it much more functional and comfortable at the same time.

To remodel a small bathroom with professional help you need to hire a professional contractor who has the proper credentials and experience. If you decide to handle the remodel on your own, you will need to make sure you have the time, tools, and skills to pull off each particular task.

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