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Plano bathroom remodeling photos can give you inspiration and ideas for designing your own personal spa or family bathroom. When you're in the planning stages of your Texas bathroom remodeling project, build a collection of images that include colors, styles, fixtures or hardware that you find appealing. At the same time, look for pictures of styles and remodeling techniques that you don't like. When combined in a single portfolio, these images will create a portrait of your personal tastes and preferences in Plano bathroom remodeling.

If you're working with a Plano bathroom remodeling contractor, share these photos with your consultant. The more specific you are about your likes and dislikes in remodeling trends, the more likely you are to get satisfying results from your Texas bathroom remodel. Browse through home improvement magazines, online remodeling photo galleries and books to find images that catch your eye and appear to accommodate your TX lifestyle.

Flattering Bathroom Vanities

The city of Plano has been acknowledged as one of the best communities to live in the Western US. With its excellent school system and its high per capita income, Plano enjoys an exceptional quality of life. Homeowners in this Texas community invest a lot of time and effort in keeping their houses as attractive and efficient as possible. Plano bathroom remodeling is an important part of this effort. Because of its proximity to Dallas, Plano has access to some of the most talented home remodeling experts in TX.

The color palette, styles and fixtures in your Plano bathroom can have a noticeable effect on the way you feel about your appearance when you're getting ready for work or a night on the town. Your bathroom should present the best possible image of you, lifting your spirits and boosting your self-confidence before you leave your TX home. Creating a vanity that enhances your looks is a big part of a Plano bathroom remodeling project.

A vanity may include a mirror, a countertop, a sink and a set of underlying cabinets or drawers. The predominant colors surrounding your vanity should flatter your complexion. Check your wardrobe for the colors that make you feel the most attractive when you wear them. The colors and lighting of your vanity should never make your face appear shadowed or discolored. The lighting in your vanity should also provide plenty of illumination for applying makeup, shaving or styling your hair, without making you look washed out.

A strip of halogen bulbs, or a single long bulb, placed on either side of a mirror or above the mirror can illuminate your face without making you look excessively pale or shadowed. Strip lighting can be arranged in a series of bowl-shaped fixtures, or in one extended fixture. While recessed lighting can add a subtle, dramatic touch, recessed lights can also create unflattering shadows. Wall sconce lights on either side of a mirror add flattering illumination in a smaller bathroom. In a small space, side lighting may be all you need to illuminate the room.

Affordable Flooring

Flooring is an area where form and function definitely meet in Plano bathroom remodeling projects. The flooring you choose for your remodeling project should complement your decor while providing a secure, moisture resistant, easy to maintain surface. Because floors get so much wear and tear in busy Texas households, the material you select should also be very durable. Finally, flooring material should be affordable enough to fit your Plano decorating budget.

Ceramic tile is versatile and affordable enough to fit almost any Plano bathroom remodeling scheme. Ceramic tiles are available in a nearly unlimited range of colors, sizes and patterns, with textured or glazed surfaces to accommodate your household's needs. Vinyl tiles are also highly versatile and reasonably priced, and as an added benefit, vinyl squares are easy to install for skilled homeowners. Textured vinyl is sturdy, long lasting and very easy to maintain, making it a natural choice for Plano family bathrooms.

If you love the beauty of natural stone or wood but you don't want to spend a lot of money or maintenance time on solid hardwood floors, consider a laminate product. Laminate flooring has gained popularity in the US because of its low price and authentic resemblance to a large number of natural surfaces. Laminate is produced by applying a photographic image to durable fiberboard. With laminate, you can easily create floors that resemble marble, limestone, maple or cherry in your Plano bathroom remodeling project.

Whether your Plano bathroom remodeling plans include the entire room and all of its fixtures or only address a specific area, online technology makes it easier to get the results you want. With internet access at home, you can browse image galleries, shop for products or compare quotes from licensed contractors. Use the speed of the internet to your advantage to plan your remodel quickly and efficiently.

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