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Phoenix bathroom remodeling consultants can give you a fresh new perspective on a room you use almost every day. If you dream of remodeling your Arizona bathroom, but you can't seem to come up with inspiring ideas for a familiar space, a consultation with an Arizona remodeling professional could get you started in the right direction. Compare estimates from several talented Phoenix bathroom remodeling consultants to find a professional with a flair for bathroom design on a budget.

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and the largest city in the state. Phoenix has a diverse culture and a features a range of architectural styles that draw from its various traditions. Phoenix bathroom remodeling lets homeowners in this thriving city enjoy greater comfort, efficiency and style. The bathroom is a vital area of any AZ home, and affordable bathroom remodeling projects help you make the most of this important space.

Southwestern Bathroom Ideas

The desert environment and the cultural roots of Phoenix have resulted in a sense of style and design that are unique to this Southwestern city. Phoenix bathroom remodeling concepts can reflect this style by drawing from a Southwestern color palette and borrowing from themes that characterize Arizona art and culture. Remodeling an AZ bathroom can create a space where you can enjoy the warmth, vibrant color and complex textures of this rich cultural setting.

A Southwestern color palette may be dominated by earth tones, like brown, sand, and rose. Terra cotta or travertine tiles give your room a rustic, earthy look. Sponge painting in shades of pink or gold can create the appearance of a sun baked adobe wall. Juxtapose these warm earth tones with cool colors like indigo blue or pine green vary your shades and add depth to your palette.

Recessed shelves and niches provide storage space while evoking details of AZ architecture. Recessed storage spaces maximize space in your Phoenix bathroom remodeling ideas by replacing cabinets that project outward. In addition to using your recessed shelves for towels or supplies, you can decorate these fixtures with pottery, candles or flowers to add a personal touch to your Phoenix bathroom remodeling project.

In Phoenix and other desert communities, water conservation is always a concern. Low profile, water conserving fixtures help you do your part to save natural resources while adding a contemporary flair to your Phoenix home. When you're remodeling this space, consider replacing outdated, water wasting toilets and shower heads with new, low usage fixtures that make your home more sustainable and ecologically friendly.

Remodeling with Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most versatile, efficient products you can add to your Phoenix bathroom remodeling projects. Ceramic is available in a nearly unlimited array of colors, patterns, sizes and textures to suit any interior design. Ceramic is also affordable, water resistant and easy to clean. Whether you're thinking of ways to transform your floors, walls, vanity or shower enclosure, ceramic tile may be the cost effective solution you're looking for.

When you're designing with tile, you're not limited to using a single color throughout your entire room. Creative homeowners can design their own tile borders or mosaics, or create colorful designs that can serve as accents or even as focal points. You can design a border using small, dark tiles on a background or larger, white squares to highlight your shower enclosure or sink. Black and white tiles create a chic, classic look, while colorful red or yellow tiles make your personal space bold and bright. Pale rose or pearl squares are soft and subtle.

Ceramic tiles are not restricted to the conventional straight course pattern. Tiles can be arranged in diagonal rows, in basket weave, pinwheel or herringbone patterns, or in offset arrangements using a combination of square and rectangular tiles. Tiles painted with abstract designs or floral patterns can be combined to create a customized floor or a tile wall mural. To complement your ceramic products, consider adding a glass tile backsplash. The distinctive sheen of small glass tiles complements the gloss of glazed ceramic.

Phoenix bathroom remodeling ideas for tile should improve function as well as form. When you're installing a new tile floor, it's easy to add a radiant floor heating system. A network of thin cables can be laid underneath the tiles to keep your floors warm when the weather is cool. Textured ceramic tiles are more slip resistant than glazed surfaces, providing extra safety for your Phoenix household.

Phoenix bathroom remodeling is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can undertake. Once you start exploring your options, you'll see that you have a wide range of products, colors and styles to choose from. An interior design professional can help you narrow down your choices to design the ideal personal care space for you and your household.

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