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Philadelphia bathroom remodeling estimates shouldn't discourage you from working to create the bathroom of your dreams. Bathroom remodeling doesn't have to happen in one fell swoop; you can create a timeline of important Pennsylvania bath projects and complete your remodel one or two steps at a time. Making a few significant changes in the appearance or layout of your PA bathroom may make the space brighter, more spacious, more comfortable or more efficient.

The city of Philadelphia is the center of learning, commerce, law, culture and the arts in PA. Philadelphia is also known for its unique cuisine and its love of sports. Visitors come to the City of Brotherly Love not only to tour its museums and historic sites, but to enjoy the thriving, colorful culture of this Pennsylvania metropolis. Philadelphia features examples of residential architecture from a number of eras, from historic row houses to contemporary residences. Philadelphia bathroom remodeling covers a wide range of needs in this diverse Northeastern city.

Bathroom Countertops and Vanities

Counters and vanities represent the work areas of a bathroom, the spaces where accessories, appliances and personal care products are stored. Getting ready for work in the morning or preparing for a night on the town at one of the clubs or restaurants in Philadelphia would be almost impossible without a vanity or countertop. In addition to the function that it serves, a vanity or counter also makes a visual statement in your bathroom, reflecting the colors and textures that you've chosen to set the tone for your decor.

Choosing the material for your countertops is an important Philadelphia bathroom remodeling decision. For a small counter or vanity, you can make a dramatic statement with a natural stone like marble, granite or slate. Even if you don't have an unlimited remodeling budget, the area is small enough that you can indulge your taste for luxury by investing in a more expensive, naturally quarried stone. Engineered stone, or quartz, vanities have a distinctive shimmer and are available in a range of rich, earthy tones at a much lower cost.

Stone slabs create an impression of strength and weight, which isn't appropriate for every Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are another popular option for remodeling vanities. These materials are affordable, versatile and easy to maintain, and ceramic tiles are available in a rainbow of colors. For a fun, eclectic look, use round porcelain tiles or rectangular subway tiles to line your counters and backsplash. Painted tiles can be combined to create a mural or a border along the edge of your vanity.

Once you've gone to the effort to choose and design the perfect countertops, keep your counters neat and clutter-free with unique organizers or attractive shelving. Insert drawers or shelves underneath your counters to accommodate the overflow of cosmetics and appliances. Install floating shelves or low profile cabinets on either side of your medicine cabinet to provide extra storage space. Even the most striking marble or glass tile vanity won't be aesthetically pleasing if it turns into a catch-all for clutter.

Remodeling with Glass and Mirrors

Glass and mirrors serve important practical and aesthetic functions in Philadelphia bathroom remodeling. In small Philadelphia rooms, transparent glass doors on shower or bath enclosures can create a sense of extended space. If you install limestone, marble or mosaic tiles in your shower enclosure, use a glass door to display these works of art rather than concealing them behind a plastic shower curtain.

You can incorporate glass brick in your Philadelphia bathroom remodeling ideas to bring natural light into your PA bath without compromising privacy. Work with a Philadelphia bathroom remodeling professional to install a section of glass brick in the wall beside your bathtub or vanity. The daylight streaming through the glass will enlarge and brighten your space, and the glass brick will lend a unique style to your Philadelphia bathroom remodeling scheme.

Mirrors are vital to many remodeling projects that involve personal care space, but these practical fixtures can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Mirrors can make a cramped half bath in an older Pennsylvania home look larger and more visually interesting. Angle two mirrors to create multiple reflections of fresh flowers, granite countertops, decorative accents and light fixtures. Mirrors offer an affordable way to add new dimensions to your Pennsylvania remodeling ideas.

Whether you're investing in a complete renovation of your bath or a partial remodel, a Philadelphia bathroom remodeling contractor can be a valuable partner in your project. Philadelphia interior design contractors can give you a fresh perspective on a well worn room, bringing new ideas and inspiration to your remodel. Compare estimates from several talented, reliable designers to find a professional who can help you redesign your space at a reasonable rate.

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