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Omaha Bathroom Remodeling

Omaha bathroom remodeling projects aren't reserved for homeowners with big budgets. You can make your Nebraska bathroom more relaxing, more comfortable or more practical without spending a lot of money on gadgets, accessories or expensive materials. Evaluate your space carefully to identify the areas that need improvement, then focus your Omaha bathroom remodeling ideas on implementing these changes.

Space is an issue for many homeowners and their families in NE. Even in the largest city in Nebraska, many residents find that their bathrooms are too small or too inefficient. While expanding the square footage in your Omaha bathroom may be an attractive option, you don't necessarily have to knock down walls to create more space. Consider adding storage, instead, by tucking towels and appliances away in recessed cabinets or in drawers underneath the vanity. You can make more room with less money by maximizing a room's storage capacity.

Remodeling a Teens Bathroom

Known as the Gateway to the West, Omaha is a hub of business, education and culture in NE. This Nebraska city offers a host of opportunities for entertainment, dining and recreation, and the city is a popular tourist destination in the Great Plains. Omaha has been acknowledged as a community that offers its residents an affordable cost of living, combined with numerous opportunities to start a business, enjoy time with friends or pursue an education.

Teenagers in Omaha, like teens everywhere, typically like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. If you find that you're constantly competing with your teens for space at the vanity or in the bathtub or shower, you may be contemplating Omaha bathroom remodeling projects for teens. Turn a guest bathroom or even a spare bedroom into a space for older kids and teens to share, so that you and the other adults in your home can enjoy peace, quiet, and an uninterrupted bath or shower whenever the mood strikes you.

Because privacy is important for older children and teens, your Omaha bathroom remodeling project can create separate spaces within the room for different necessities. An enclosed shower or tub may be preferable to a partially enclosed or open design. For a flexible, affordable solution to your kids' need for privacy, set up Japanese screens beside the toilet and bathtub. These portable screens offer a secure, portable barrier that gives kids their space while enhancing the room's decor.

Ventilation is an important consideration in a teenagers bathroom, where long, hot baths or showers can create clouds of steam. Use mini blinds or sheer drapes to allow adequate air flow while providing privacy. If you have a more extensive remodeling budget, consider installing an operable skylight for natural illumination and ventilation. A ceiling fan adds a touch of drama while dispersing steam and discouraging the growth of mold and mildew between tiles or in corners.

Clutter may be a problem in an Omaha teenagers living environment. Include plenty of storage space in this remodeling project, including floating shelves, recessed niches, cabinets and drawers. Encourage your teen to be invested in keeping the space clean and neat by allowing him or her to select colors, materials, and accessories for your Omaha bathroom remodeling plans. A personalized Omaha bathroom remodeling project may motivate your kids to keep this space tidy.

Faux Painting for Bathrooms

Homeowners in Omaha appreciate getting the most value for their remodeling projects. While it's not always possible to invest in natural materials like granite, marble or limestone tile, you can enhance the visual appeal of your room with faux painting techniques that resemble natural materials or distressed surfaces. Faux painting creates the illusion of enhanced textures or deeper, richer colors. Creative NE homeowners can easily apply basic faux painting techniques to enhance a remodeling project without spending a lot of money.

Faux painting techniques can produce surfaces that resemble wood grain, marble, stone or terracotta. Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your remodeling project with a technique that combines terracotta paint and plaster. Sponge painting gives a wall a distressed look, which can complement a vintage Omaha bathroom remodeling theme. Create the appearance of crackled glass to add visual interest to your Omaha bathroom remodeling ideas. Gold leaf painting or parchment stripes add elegance and glamour to your walls.

Omaha bathroom remodeling plans can draw from your imagination to create a space that's entirely your own. Instead of spending extra money on new shelving or cabinets, look for bargains at thrift stores or yard sale, then refinish these pieces to complement your color palette. Use antique cabinets or bookshelves for storing towels, electrical appliances or cleansers. You'll derive the most satisfaction from your remodel when you apply your own tastes and preferences to create an environment that suits your lifestyle.

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