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Norfolk bathroom remodeling projects are not the quickest or the cleanest way to spruce up your home in Virginia but they are extremely effective in improving the look, functionality and resale value of your Norfolk home. When deciding whether or not to undergo a Norfolk bathroom remodeling project, its important to get a sense of how long the project will take. Even with the best VA contractor, your Norfolk bathroom remodeling project will take some time. Understanding the time commitment before you begin your Virginia bathroom remodeling project will keep you from being surprised when it comes to how long it takes.

Getting Your Bathroom Remodeling Started

To begin your Norfolk bathroom remodeling project started, your VA contractor will begin by demolishing the existing structure. Depending on your bathroom, the demolition part of the process may take up to two days. If the bathroom that is being remodeled in on the second floor or if there are materials involved that are hard to remove, the project may take longer. You may want to begin demoing the space before your VA contractor begins working so as to save time and money.

After the original bathroom has been demoed, rough carpentry may be needed. If the existing structure is in pretty good shape, your Virginia contractor may be able to skip this step. If the underlying structure needs work however, the rough carpentry process may take around two days.

Once the carpentry has been completed, the rough plumbing can begin. This process varies in duration as well based on the complexity of the Norfolk bathroom remodeling project. If new fixtures are going in where the old fixtures were, the process may take one to two days. If the tub and toilet are being installed in a different location, plumbing may take over two days to complete.

After plumbing, your Virginia electrician can wire the bathroom in about a day. After the electrical work has been completed, your Norfolk contractor can insulate the bath and begin to hang the drywall as soon as the insulation is installed. Insulating and hanging drywall may take a day or two. Once the drywall is hung, it will need to be finished. Your Norfolk contractor may take about two days to finish the drywall.

Your Norfolk contractor can now move on to the tiling portion of your project. If you are tiling the shower or tub area, you will need to allow for a few days to complete this portion of the project. As your Norfolk contractor will need to allow time for the tile to set and the grout to dry, this process may take up to three days.

Finishing Up Your Remodeling

Once the tiling is finished, you're almost done with your bathroom remodeling. Cabinetry can be hung in about a day. Since baths are fairly small, you won't have to worry about a ton of cabinets being installed.

If you are redoing the floors as part of your Norfolk bathroom remodeling projects, you will need to allot a few days for this step. If you are using peel and stick vinyl tile, the flooring part will go quickly. If you are tiling the floor, you will need to allow about three days for this part of the remodeling project. You will need to allow the tile grout ample time to dry before you can move on to the next part of your Norfolk bathroom remodeling.

After the cabinets have been hung and the floors have been finished, your project is almost done. Your Norfolk plumber or contractor will need about a day to hook up the fixtures and paint the space. You may even paint the space yourself to save some time and money. Once all of the steps have been completed, you will have the remodeled bath of your dreams.

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to remodels. Things happen that may delay the progress of your bath. It's always wise, when tackling a remodel, to add a few days to your time estimated in case the unexpected happens. Depending on the complexity and scope of your remodel, the project may also take longer to complete. A more complicated project will take longer than a simple remodel.

When it comes to the duration of a Norfolk bathroom remodeling project, there are no hard and fast rules. Every space is different and every contractor will work at their own pace. A standard Norfolk bathroom remodeling project may take about 18 to 20 days but it could take less time or more time, depending on the scope of the project. Going into a remodeling project with a clear idea of the process will go a long way to keeping the stress associated with your project to a minimum.

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