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New York City bathroom remodeling concepts can enhance, enlarge or illuminate your New York urban bathroom. In this fast paced environment, efficiency is a top priority for just about any bathroom remodeling project. Even the most luxurious space must be well organized and accessible to accommodate New York City homeowners on their way to the office, school, a cultural event or a night on the town.

Remodeling a bathroom not only makes personal care more convenient and comfortable; it can boost the value of your property. In this global center of urban real estate, culture and architecture, potential home buyers appreciate New York City bathroom remodeling. Explore the latest trends in bathroom remodeling as well as classic design elements by consulting several of the top bathroom designers in NY. Compare multiple New York City bathroom remodeling quotes to get the most value from this substantial home improvement project.

Remodeling a Small NY Bath

New York City is the most populous city in the US, and affordable real estate is at a premium. New York City bathroom remodeling can make a small half bath in a studio, loft or one bedroom condominium appear more spacious and feel more efficient. If you're competing with the other members of your household for space at the sink or fighting over the shower in the mornings, consider expanding your bath with the help of an experienced remodeling contractor.

When it comes to remodeling a small space in a New York City apartment or town house with limited square footage, you may need to get creative with the room's spatial arrangements. You may not have enough room to expand the room itself, but you can rearrange fixtures, remove overly large cabinets or replace a large vanity with a smaller, more graceful pedestal sink. Open up interior space by replacing projecting cabinets or shelves with recessed versions that give you more room for personal care.

Wall hung fixtures open up floor space and make it easier to keep your floors clean. In a metropolitan area like NY, homeowners often want to find ways to make housekeeping faster and more efficient. Wall hung sinks and toilets are fixed to the walls, so that the space below is left unobstructed. You'll find that it's easier to sweep and mop the area, and these low profile fixtures immediately make your New York City space appear larger.

If you have a large bathtub and shower combination, but you rarely have time for long, extended soaks in the tub, consider removing the bathtub altogether and replacing it with a large, walk in shower. Even a large shower cabin can be smaller than the space dedicated to a tub, which means you'll enjoy more shower space and more square footage at the same time. Removing a tub and enlarging a shower are projects that can usually be completed without major plumbing renovations.

Before you begin your New York City bathroom remodeling project, talk with several New York City contractors about the scope of the remodel. You may need to have the space evaluated by a building inspector and acquire permits for the modifications that you want to make. Look for an experienced New York contractor who can guide you through the process of renovating this important area of your home.

Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

In New York City, the cost of living is higher than many other areas of New York, and homeowners are eager to find ways to save money on a bath remodel. If your cabinets look old, outdated and damaged, you don't necessarily have to replace them to improve the appearance of these units. Cabinet refacing is a New York City bathroom remodeling project that can save you quite a bit of time and money.

With cabinet refacing, the surfaces of your cabinets are replaced with new veneers and updated with new accessories. Cabinet doors can be resurfaced with new laminate or wood products, while out of date handles and pulls can be replaced with more contemporary styles. Drawers or shelves can be added to make your storage space more efficient. You can maximize the use of your cabinets without exceeding your New York City bathroom remodeling budget by refacing instead of replacing the cabinets in your New York home.

If your cabinets are damaged beyond repair, consider replacing them with stock cabinets from a local home improvement retailer. Stock cabinets are available on the showroom floor, and you can save time and money by choosing these ready made models over custom units. Look for ways to save money on New York City bathroom remodeling costs by selecting less expensive versions of the design elements and fixtures you want to add. With money-saving New York City bathroom remodeling ideas, you'll have cash left over for other projects.

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