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Montgomery bathroom remodeling concepts reflect both a sense of tradition and a contemporary Alabama style. Remodeling a bathroom gives you the opportunity to explore all the latest design trends and new decorating products on the market. From stylish vessel sinks and glass tiling to low-flow shower heads and whirlpool bathtubs, your remodeling ideas give you the chance to improve your bathroom in a variety of ways.

Finding a Montgomery bathroom remodeling contractor has become much easier and more convenient with the widespread use of the internet. In just a few easy steps, you can use a single request form to gather quotes from a number of the leading remodeling consultants in AL. Use the speed of the internet to your advantage to connect quickly with a Montgomery bathroom remodeling expert who can give you a fresh new perspective on your familiar AL bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Flooring Costs

As the capital city of AL, Montgomery is a center of culture, style, commerce and education in this state. Montgomery is home to several major public and private educational institutions, including Alabama State University and Huntingdon College. The city is also the setting of cultural events like the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. The style and culture of the city of Montgomery contributes to home remodeling projects in this area.

Many Montgomery homeowners decide to install new tile flooring when they take on a Montgomery bathroom remodeling project. Whether your current floors are cracked, moldy or just plain outdated, fresh new tiles can gives your Montgomery bathroom a bright new appearance. Retiling is the perfect occasion to install new fixtures or add a touch of extra comfort and luxury with radiant floor heating.

Your choice of tiles, the square footage and layout of your room, the condition of your current flooring and your labor costs will affect how much you spend on this aspect of your Alabama bathroom remodeling plan. Ceramic and porcelain are popular, affordable flooring favorites, and with so many colors and patterns to choose from, you can easily create a striking floor on a budget. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most affordable, with the widest range of sizes and styles.

Terracotta, limestone, slate, travertine and marble are more costly than ceramic or porcelain. If installing beautiful floors that have the timeless beauty of stone is a top priority in your Montgomery bathroom remodeling project, investing in marble or travertine may be worth the cost. However, if you're on a limited budget, you can achieve a similar look with manufactured stone products or even with a high quality, realistic laminate tiling product.

Laminate tile is manufactured using a photographic image of wood, stone, terracotta or another material applied to durable fiberboard. The image is protected with a clear, tough coating that stands up to moisture, impact and stains. Laminate is very affordable, and as an added bonus, the interlocking structure of the tiles make installation a simple project for many skilled homeowners. Top grade vinyl flooring materials that resemble wood or stone can also be added to your Montgomery bathroom remodeling project at a very low cost.

Remodeling a Guest Bathroom

In the city of Montgomery, homeowners love to entertain. Throwing dinner parties and holding family events or holiday banquets can be more fun and efficient when you can offer your guests a chic space to powder their noses, wash their hands and take a break from the party commotion. Montgomery bathroom remodeling projects for a powder room give you a chance to exercise your creativity and indulge your taste for luxury. Because guest rooms are usually small, an authentic marble countertop or a full length antique mirror won't break your budget.

Start your Montgomery bathroom remodeling plan by "shopping" in your own home for furniture or antiques that might be put to use in your powder room. An old chandelier, a fainting couch, an oriental rug or an ornate writing desk add touches of drama and bring back a sense of the past. Turn your powder room into a tiny retreat for your guests by creating a romantic, elegant decor. While carpets can be a nightmare in bathrooms with a high level of moisture, you can install deep, plush carpets in a powder room without worrying about mold or mildew.

Thrift stores, estate sales and vintage boutiques offer stylish accents, fixtures, lamps and fabrics that you can work into your powder room's decor. In creative Montgomery bathroom remodeling plans, you can step outside of convention and try new approaches to creating the look you want. Once your guests and friends have a chance to enjoy the improvements you've made to your home, you might find yourself on the cusp of an interior decorating trend. Use online technology to shop for products and compare quotes from gifted local designers.

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