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Minneapolis bathroom remodeling can create the private spa, family bathroom or chic powder room that you've imagined. If you define your goals carefully before you start your remodeling project, you can stay on track with your budget while making the changes you really want. Although it's possible to spend tens of thousands of dollars on Minneapolis bathroom remodeling, many homeowners in the Twin Cities area want to stay below that level. With a few affordable remodeling ideas, you can create a charming, vibrant or soothing bathroom on a budget.

You can save money on your Minneapolis bathroom remodeling project by taking on all or part of this home improvement project. While many homeowners in MN prefer to leave the plumbing, wiring and structural modifications to licensed Minneapolis contractors, there are many tasks that a skilled do-it-yourselfer can accomplish successfully. If tiling, painting or replacing hardware are within your reach, taking over these tasks can help you reduce your costs.

Counter and Backsplash Ideas

Nicknamed the City of Lakes, Minneapolis makes up the largest metropolitan area in MN along with St Paul. Together, these communities are known as the Twin Cities. The cultural diversity, educational and professional opportunities and lively arts scene make Minneapolis an exciting place to live, raise a family and own a home. Whether you have a large Minnesota household or you occupy your home alone, Minneapolis bathroom remodeling brings you closer to the bathroom of your dreams.

The vertical and horizontal surfaces in a Minneapolis bathroom play important roles in your interior decor. Walls, floors, counters and backsplashes represent the largest expanses of color and texture in the room. When you're designing a Minneapolis bathroom, the materials you choose for each of these areas will help you create a specific tone and atmosphere. Remodeling your counters and backsplash can make a room look playful, elegant, eclectic or quaint, depending on the materials, colors and patterns you choose.

Counters and backsplashes also have practical functions. These surfaces should be water proof, or at least water resistant, especially in a family setting. When you're remodeling your vanity area, ceramic or porcelain tile may be the most economical and versatile choices. Although ceramic tile doesn't cost a fortune, you have a wealth of options to choose from when you're selecting colors and designing patters for your Minneapolis bathroom remodeling scheme. Because counters are close to the mirror, choose a shade that flatters your facial coloring.

On your counter, you can create an abstract mosaic using small tiles in different colors, or design a horizontal countertop mural with custom, painted tiles. Mix glass and glazed or textured ceramic tiles on your backsplash to create a blend of textures and colors. To maximize mirror space in your Minneapolis bathroom remodeling project, you can extend a large mirror all the way down to the counter; however, this dramatic effect also requires careful cleaning to prevent the build-up of water spots on the glass.

To give your decor a lift without committing to a major MN remodeling project, you can apply a coat of paint to a laminate countertop. The surface must be sanded and primed before paint can be applied. Use a glossy or semi glossy enamel based paint for the best results. With this technique, you can change the color scheme of your Minneapolis vanity whenever the mood strikes you.

Remodeling for Winter

Minnesota is known for its long, cold winters, and homeowners must prepare for this season by winterizing their rooms. Although ventilation is crucial for preventing mold and mildew growth, open windows can make tiles, counters, hardware and fixtures icy. If maximizing ventilation is one of the goals of your Minneapolis bathroom remodeling project, consider adding a ceiling fan instead of an extra window. A large fan can add a touch of drama to your bathroom ceiling while dispersing steam after a bath or shower.

You can minimize the chill in your Minnesota home and reduce your energy usage by checking the windows in your bathrooms for air leaks. Silicone caulk can seal these tiny gaps. Replacing leaky windows with new, high performance retrofitted models can make the area warmer while lowering your heating costs. In the winter months, use heavier blinds, shutters or curtains to shield glass from the cold.

To keep your floors comfortable underfoot, even on snowy days, install radiant floor heating underneath a tiled floor. These flattened coils are easy to install and can make the process of getting ready for work in the morning considerably more comfortable. Towel warmers are another easy, affordable way to maximize winter comfort in your Minneapolis bathroom remodeling project.

Minneapolis bathroom remodeling concepts have an aesthetic and a practical dimension. You can combine form and function by taking seasonal changes into account. Design a space that's comfortable all year round by combining new conveniences with classic products.

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