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Miami bathroom remodeling concepts make bathrooms in this vibrant Florida city among the most stylish in the US. In Miami homes, you can see a broad range of remodeling ideas, from the most understated, minimalist designs to elaborate, dramatic decorating schemes. Wherever your bathroom remodeling project falls on this spectrum, you can gather quotes and get inspiration from some of the most talented remodeling experts in the country by comparing estimates online.

The city of Miami is a leader in finance, fashion, style and entertainment, not only in the Southeast, but in the US as a whole. The diverse cultural influences that characterize this city are reflected in Miami bathroom remodeling schemes. The colors, patterns and textures of Miami bathroom remodeling echo Mediterranean and Latin styles, along with a taste of the American South. With Miami bathroom remodeling projects, you can get as creative as you want to in this exciting beachside community.

Dramatic Master Bathrooms

With its elegance and glamour, Miami has been the scene of countless films and television shows set in FL. If you have a flair for drama, you don't have to hold back when you're remodeling your FL master bathroom. The master bathroom is one area in your home where you don't have to settle for anything less than the colors, surface materials, flooring or window treatments that you truly want. While you may need to make concessions for a busy family bath or a powder room, your master bath is your own personal space.

In the fast paced economy of Miami, many Florida homeowners love nothing more than to end the day with a long, hot soak in a sunken tub. Sunken bathtubs can be tiled with soft pink or yellow tiles to echo the look of a Mediterranean bath. Customized sunken baths can include stairs and stylish grab bars to make your descent into the water easier. Air jets add quiet comfort to your bath, with a variety of pressure settings to provide a soothing massage at the end of a hectic day.

If you prefer a shower to a bath, shift your Miami bathroom remodeling ideas to a shower remodel. Create a partial enclosure tiled with sparkling green and blue glass tiles, or indulge in your taste for luxury by choosing creamy white marble to line your shower. In a masculine bathroom, tile the walls with granite, slate or gray travertine for a look that's both dramatic and understated. Turn your shower into a steam room with a steam shower head, a built-in set of benches and a vapor door to keep the steam from escaping.

Tile mosaics, murals and borders add drama to your Miami bathroom without costing a fortune. You can create stunning tile murals with hand-painted porcelain tiles along your vanity or inside a bath or shower enclosure without spending a lot of money. Mingle ceramic and glass tiles for a multi textured look that will catch your guests' attention. Surround your sunken tub or luxury shower with a tile focal point to draw attention to these elegant yet supremely comforting Miami bathroom remodeling fixtures.

Choosing Bathroom Flooring

In the damp Florida climate, there's never a lack of moisture, especially in the summer time. Miami bathroom remodeling ideas must take a practical approach to moisture control by focusing on remodeling products that are resistant to water, mold and mildew. In addition to providing adequate ventilation for your FL home, you can discourage mold and mildew growth by selecting the right materials for your Miami floors.

The less porous a flooring material is, the less likely it is to retain water and provide a suitable environment for mold and mildew growth. Ceramic, porcelain, marble and certain types of engineered stone are non-porous materials that resist water and discourage the growth of microorganisms. However, the grout between tiles can be a favorable site for mold growth, and mold may also grow underneath tiles if there are cracks or open seams in your flooring. When remodeling bathrooms, it's important to ensure accuracy in tiling.

Wood is often not recommended for Miami bathroom remodeling because water exposure can damage many types of wood flooring. However, many homeowners love the look of teak, bamboo or cork flooring in their bathrooms. Certain types of wood flooring, such as cork and bamboo, deter microbial growth and resist mold growth. Laminate wood flooring, a easy to install product that resembles natural wood species, can be used in bathrooms if it's protected from prolonged exposure to water.

Miami bathroom remodeling ideas may extend from the floors to the ceilings or simply address one area of this space. Your choice of flooring, tiling and lighting should address your practical needs as well as your aesthetic preferences. Take advantage of the convenience of the internet to compare online quotes, browse through photos and shop for affordable, stylish products.

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