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Mesa bathroom remodeling concepts range from contemporary and understated to glamorous and dramatic. Every homeowner has his or her unique visions of the perfect bathroom. Remodeling trends may come and go in Arizona, but your own ideas and needs should always take priority. Whether you dream of an ultra efficient, modern bathing area of a fun, comfortable family bath, your Mesa bathroom remodeling project should reflect these goals.

Located to the east of Phoenix, Mesa is an Arizona community with a unique style of its own. The city of Mesa offers a number of interesting cultural attractions, including the Mesa Grande Ruins, the Mesa Historical Museum and the Arizona Museum of Natural History. The city also features a host of opportunities for professional development, outdoor recreation and shopping. In AZ, bathroom remodeling has become a common way to increase property value and make the most of a home's interior space.

Affordable Cabinet Remodeling

Storage is a top priority in many Mesa bathroom remodeling projects, especially where small bathrooms are concerned. Unless you and the other members of your household have enough room to store personal care appliances, cosmetics, cleansers and towels, your Mesa bathroom remodeling project may not make your bathroom any more efficient. Storage facilities keep your vanities, countertops and bath or shower enclosures free from clutter, so that you can use these spaces to their full advantage.

Adding cabinets to a Mesa bathroom remodeling scheme, or remodeling the cabinets that you already have in place, is an affordable way to increase your storage space. Tall vertical cabinets can fit discreetly into corners or into the spaces beside the sink, toilet or bathtub to provide an area for towels, soaps, shampoos or cleaning supplies. Recessed cabinets are tucked neatly into walls, so that their doors are flush with the walls. Recessed models are especially efficient in small rooms, where interior space is at a premium.

When you're shopping for new cabinets for your Mesa bathroom remodeling project, you can take advantage of the latest styles and minimize your costs by purchasing stock models from an AZ showroom. While a custom cabinet may fit your specifications more closely, the cost of customizing these fixtures is higher. Stock cabinets are often just as visually appealing as a customized design, and you'll pay less for these units. If you're installing recessed cabinets, however, you may need to enlist the help of a licensed AZ remodeling contractor.

If your cabinets are basically in good condition, you can give them an affordable facelift by refacing these fixtures instead of replacing them. Refacing involves updating the surfaces of your cabinets with new finishes, paint and hardware. By refacing your current models, you can save a lot of money and avoid discarding cabinets that are still perfectly usable. Refacing can give your Mesa bathroom a fresh new look without overextending your budget for this remodel.

Remodeling a Vanity Area

From a functional standpoint, the vanity is one of the most important spaces in your bathroom. Without adequate space on your vanity, grooming activities like shaving, applying makeup and styling your hair can be difficult, if not impossible. A vanity is also one of the features of the room that catches the eye right away, creating an important first impression of the room's overall decor. An outdated vanity can give the entire area a lackluster appearance, while a stylish new surface sets the tone for a more contemporary Mesa bathroom.

A vanity can have a number of different styles and configurations, depending on your needs and the theme of your Mesa bathroom remodeling project. For a traditional look, consider a configuration that includes a sink, drawers and plenty of counter space. Double sinks and medicine cabinets are ideal for rooms dedicated to families or couples. Marble or quartz countertops and backsplash lend a classic beauty and a sense of permanence to your mesa bathroom remodeling ideas.

A simple, minimalist vanity may include a streamlined stone countertop, a set of white vessel sinks and understated, recessed drawers for storage. A vintage vanity can be designed using an antique bedroom vanity table with ornate hardware and an elegant antique mirror. For a modern vanity with a touch of movie star glamour, install a large mirror that extends all the way down to the backsplash. Ceramic or glass tiles are versatile, affordable countertop materials for vanities.

You can keep the cost of your remodel at a manageable level by choosing less expensive versions of the latest fixtures or materials. Shop around to find the most affordable Mesa bathroom remodeling products before you spend a lot of money on any single aspect of your renovation. The more you know about your options before you buy, the more likely you are to save money and get more satisfaction from this home improvement project.

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