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Madison bathroom remodeling ideas may apply to small or large spaces. If you're working with limited space, don't give up on the idea of turning your bathroom into a more functional, attractive setting. Madison bathroom remodeling projects for small areas can transform a cluttered half bath into a more practical, streamlined bathroom. For inspiration, suggestions and quotes, request estimates from several trusted Wisconsin bathroom remodeling consultants.

The capital city of Wisconsin is a hub of culture, sports, education and government. Madison has earned accolades for its high standard of living. Living in Madison, you can choose from a number of gifted designers and remodeling contractors to implement your Madison bathroom remodeling ideas. Whether you want to work with a Madison professional throughout the project or call in the WI remodeling experts to handle plumbing and electrical wiring, our features can help you start your search.

WI Saunas and Steam Rooms

The WI climate is highly variable. In the winter, temperatures can fall below freezing, while in the summers, days can be hot and humid. During the long, snowy Wisconsin winters, homeowners love to have a source of warmth and comfort in their bathroom. While installing a sauna may seem like an extravagance, in reality, these fixtures can be very affordable. As more Madison homeowners try to save money by remodeling their homes instead of upgrading to larger dwellings, turning a bathroom into a personal spa has become a popular concept.

A sauna is an enclosed structure or chamber where dry or wet heat is used to generate warmth, creating a soothing, relaxing environment for its occupants. Traditional saunas are often lined with a water resistant wood, like cedar, and a heat source is used to create warmth in the air. Infrared saunas, a more modern update to the traditional model, work by warming a heat element. Saunas are available in a wide range of sizes, and either model can be installed in a Madison bathroom to promote deep relaxation, ease muscle pain and tension or cleanse the skin.

If you're concerned about saving water and maintaining a dry environment, an infrared sauna may be the most appropriate choice for this Madison bathroom remodeling project. Infrared models do not require water to generate steam; instead, the heat itself produces a cleansing, calming effect. If you love the feeling of being enveloped in steam, a steam room enclosure may be the best fit for your Madison bathroom remodeling plans.

Remodeling your room to include a source of steam requires a careful consideration of ventilation and air flow. Even if you install a steam shower with a full enclosure, the vapor can expose the other surfaces and fixtures in the room to moisture. Review your Madison bathroom remodeling plans to see if any cabinets, wall coverings or shelving may require waterproofing. Exhaust fans and adequate window openings are a necessity when you add more steam fixtures.

Vanities for Small Bathrooms

Within the bathroom, the vanity area represents a small refuge for many Madison homeowners. This combination of fixtures typically includes a sink, a counter, a set of drawers or cabinets and, most importantly, a mirror. A vanity provides a space for personal care, reflection and rest or rejuvenation. If your square footage is limited, you can still create an elegant, inviting vanity by scaling down your remodeling project.

Instead of a long counter space, consider a petite console with a sink and a set of drawers for storage. Storage in small baths is a must, and having adequate room for appliances and cosmetics will make a difference in your Madison bathroom remodeling plans. A small set of cabinets with a stone countertop and sink can be paired with a striking antique mirror for a glamorous touch. Surround your mirror with task lighting on either side.

Small, single sink vanity units fit easily into a half bath or a tiny loft or studio space. A tall, vertically oriented mirror elongates the wall, drawing the eye upward to make the room appear larger. While traditional sunken basins may give you more room on the counter, many homeowners can't resist the look of the latest, stylish vessel sinks, which sit on top of the counter's surface. Keep in mind that in a small Madison bathroom remodeling project, the size and spatial requirements of every fixture count.

Your Madison bathroom remodeling project doesn't have to cost a fortune to make a significant difference in the way you feel about your home. Even the smaller changes, like replacing outdated faucets with gleaming, water conserving versions, can lift your spirits and make your space more efficient. Fresh new colors, new counters or a new set of floating shelves can brighten your mood, make your decor more inviting and provide valuable room for storage.

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