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Louisville bathroom remodeling projects are what old, outdated homes need to improve their looks and functionality. Over years and even decades, bathrooms in older homes often end up with damage due to moisture exposure. Flooring, paint and fixtures also lose their appeal and need to be modernized. Even bathrooms in homes that are not decades old might benefit from various remodeling projects.

If you are a Louisville homeowner who wants to maintain the quality and appearance of your bathroom, you have come to the right place. Our system can help you locate supplies, materials, fixtures and licensed contractors in Kentucky to make your old or outdated bathroom look and operate like new again. You can even access free online estimates for your Louisville bathroom remodeling work so you will know what to expect to spend to accomplish your Kentucky bathroom remodeling goals.

Whether you plan to tear down walls in your bath area, replace fixtures and flooring or just spruce up the decor, you have many options to make this important room in your KY home look great. Painting is one fairly easy and inexpensive update that most homeowners in Kentucky and in other states do in their outdated bath areas. If you are remodeling the entire room, painting is a must when the structural work is complete. Or, if painting is the only Louisville bathroom remodeling project you plan to do, you will still enjoy beautiful improvements once your bathroom has a fresh coat of paint. Using the best materials for the job and understanding proper bathroom painting considerations are keys to stylish and lasting results.

Selecting Louisville Painting Supplies

As you plan the painting portion of your Louisville bathroom remodeling project, having proper supplies for the job will make it hassle-free. There are many reputable KY suppliers in Louisville that have paintbrushes, primers and quality paint in stock. However, you must first analyze the bath area of your Louisville home to make sure that you purchase the proper materials for the job.

If the room has been completely renovated as part of your Louisville bathroom remodeling plan, you will probably be painting new drywall. A quality primer is a good foundation for the paint you select. If you are painting older walls with years of build up paint or even wallpaper, Louisville bathroom remodeling companies in Kentucky carry a variety of chemicals to help you remove the old wall coverings before you prime the walls.

When choosing paint for your remodeling project, keep in mind that good quality bath paint is necessary for durability. In addition, flat paint in bath areas is not recommended because it does not withstand humid conditions. Eggshell, semi gloss or gloss finishes are good options for Louisville bathroom remodeling paint jobs because they seal better in humidity and also wipe dry effortlessly. As for the color of paint you select, take into consideration the other decor throughout your home in Louisville, and choose a color that contrasts or coordinates accordingly.

Don't forget quality wall and edger paintbrushes, a paint roller, painter's tape, a drop cloth, old rags and cleaning solutions to make your paint job look professional. Keep in mind that if you are not the do-it-yourself type, there are skilled Louisville bathroom remodeling professionals who are licensed and insured in the state of KY who can do a professional job for you. You can use your online estimates to help you select the best contractor to fit your remodeling budget.

Things to Consider Before Painting

Whether you are painting your bath area yourself, or hiring a professional in Louisville to do it for you, certain steps will help to ensure professional results. One important thing to remember about painting walls in homes that were built before 1978 is that the old paint could contain lead. It is important to have a lead paint professional evaluate your walls before you begin the painting process if your home falls into this category. You also need to consider the type of ventilation you have in your bath. If you do not have a ceiling or exhaust fan, an oil-based paint is the best choice for a room with high humidity.

Before painting, walls must be clean and stripped of old materials. Next, taping off areas around trim, fixtures and windows will prevent primer and paint from getting on these items. Applying one or even two coats of primer, and letting them dry completely, prepares the walls for paint. After these steps, you or your contractor can begin the painting portion of your remodeling plan.

A quality paint job will make your Louisville bathroom remodeling project complete. When done properly, the results will last for years. Whether you are redoing the entire room or updating decor, new paint is the finishing touch that will beautify your new bathroom.

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