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Los Angeles bathroom remodeling concepts set the tone for bathroom decor across the country. When it comes to style, Los Angeles always seems to be at the forefront of the latest trends, and bathroom remodeling is no exception. Southern California is home to numerous interior decorators, designers and bathroom remodeling contractors who can help you achieve the look you want for this important area of your home. By comparing CA quotes from California remodeling professionals, you'll have the best chance of finding a reliable expert at affordable rates.

As the second most populous city in the US after New York, Los Angeles is a global center of the arts, culture, entertainment and media. Whether you lead a jet setter's life or your lifestyle is a bit more down to earth, you need a bathroom that's both inviting and well organized. Personal care requires coordination, especially in a busy family. Turn your bathroom into a well designed private refuge or an efficient but fun family area with creative Los Angeles bathroom remodeling ideas.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

In a city known for its central role in the film industry, lighting is always a key concern in bathrooms. The lighting scheme in your personal care space has a powerful impact on the way you're reflected in the mirror as you apply makeup, shave or style your hair. Lighting in bathrooms can affect your mood, as well, by exerting a calming effect or by reviving and invigorating you after a long night.

With the abundant sunshine of Southern California, daylight may be one of the most effective ways to illuminate your space. Los Angeles bathroom remodeling ideas may focus on maximizing light by enlarging or installing one or more windows. If your room is located in a private area of the house overlooking the garden or pool, consider installing a bay window or a set of patio doors. These architectural design features will flood the area with light during the daytime and provide natural ventilation.

Soft, diffused overhead lights illuminate an entire room without overwhelming the space with a harsh, fluorescent glare. Although it's important to have lights surrounding your vanity area for personal grooming tasks, these fixtures alone may not give you the lighting you need when you're getting ready in the morning or at night. Combine overhead lighting with soft lights at eye level beside the mirror to maximize illumination.

Wall sconces and track lights provide a gentle glow and add a touch of drama to your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling project. If you're installing a new shower, tub or jacuzzi, consider lighting the area with a soft overhead spotlight. Call attention to the focal points of your California bath with strategic placement of fixtures. Work with a Los Angeles remodeling specialist to create a lighting scheme that showcases the strong points of the room and fits your CA lifestyle.

Luxury Bath Remodeling

Although a shower is a convenient way to prepare for the day or unwind at night, many homeowners can't resist a long soak in a bathtub. If a whirlpool, jacuzzi or clawfoot tub is your ultimate idea of luxury, consider Los Angeles bathroom remodeling ideas that capitalize on this fixture. Make the tub the focal point of the room or situate this fixture in a secluded corner to achieve the kind of atmosphere you want for your baths.

A whirlpool tub can turn your master bath into your own private spa. When you're including a tub in your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling ideas, you have numerous designs, styles and features to choose from. A tub may be large enough for one occupant or two, depending on your needs. Whirlpool effects can be generated by air jets or water jets, which produce different sensations. Either air or water jets can be programmed at variety of settings, to create a gentle pressure or a firmer massage.

If dramatic Los Angeles bathroom remodeling ideas catch your attention, consider a sunken tub tiled with a mosaic of multi-colored ceramic or glass tiles. Look for Los Angeles interior designers who specialize in creating custom tiled tubs for their CA clients, or get creative with your tiling ideas and develop a mosaic that's uniquely your own. Although it's always useful to know the latest Los Angeles bathroom remodeling trends, remodeling this space should be a matter of individual taste and style.

Aromatherapy and chromatherapy, or the therapeutic use of scented oils and color tinted water, are the latest trends in bathing in Los Angeles. However, even a clawfoot tub filled with hot water and a teaspoon of bubble bath can feel therapeutic after a long day. Request estimates from several Los Angeles design specialists to find a consultant who can improve your home with innovative yet affordable Los Angeles bathroom remodeling ideas.

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