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Lincoln bathroom remodeling can bring an outdated bathroom into the 21st century or take a contemporary space back in time. Whether your Nebraska bathroom remodeling goals include creating a more modern bathroom or setting a vintage tone, your Lincoln bathroom remodeling project should leave you and your family feeling more satisfied with this space. Balancing aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency is a specialty of professional Lincoln bathroom remodeling consultants. Consult several NE professionals for information and estimates on this important project.

The city of Lincoln began as a small village in the Nebraska Territory and grew into the state's capital city, a thriving center of government, commerce and culture. Lincoln homes range from historic and traditional to contemporary and avant garde. While some homeowners choose a remodeling theme that complements the overall look of their home, others prefer to turn their bathroom into a separate retreat with a unique style all its own. Discuss your ideas with a remodeling contractor to determine the scope and cost of your Lincoln bathroom remodeling plans.

Selecting Bathroom Faucets

Remodeling a NE bathroom often includes upgrading hardware and fixtures to take advantage of the latest technological innovations. Over time, the faucets in your sink, bathtub and shower can become corroded. Soap scum, hard water deposits, discoloration and pitting can mar the appearance of these fixtures. You can get more use out of your faucets by investing in high quality hardware.

Brass, copper or other top grade finishes will last longer and maintain their appearance over time. Cheaper fixtures will save you money in the short term, but you may end up replacing these products sooner than you anticipated. When it comes to this practical component of your Lincoln bathroom remodeling project, it pays to spend a little more money up front to get a product that will hold up longer and require less maintenance. When you're investing in a new sink faucet, consider adding a filter to improve water quality.

Bathtub faucets can be combined with complementary hardware, such as wall hooks, towel racks or grab bars, to create a harmonious style for your remodeling project. In traditional Lincoln bathrooms, homeowners often choose hardware that has a similar design and finish. In rooms with a more eclectic decor, these conventions may not apply, and faucets, racks and hooks may reflect different styles.

Regardless of the style of your faucets, these fixtures should have a structure that's convenient and easy for all of the members of your household to use. While some Lincoln homeowners prefer a pull out or pull down handle, others find that a conventional configuration with a faucet and two handles for hot and cold water is more convenient. In Lincoln households with small children, customized faucets can be installed that control water pressure and temperature.

Faucet installation is a relatively simple remodeling task that most NE homeowners can take on themselves. To ensure that your new hardware matches your current plumbing configuration, turn off the water source, remove your old fixture and take it to a local hardware store. Discuss your options with your Lincoln bathroom remodeling contractor for professional advice on installing the most efficient, long lasting hardware.

Ventilating and Dehumidifying a Bathroom

In the summer months, Lincoln weather can be warm and humid. In the winter, temperatures drop and the air is more dry. Controlling moisture is an issue that must always be addressed in Lincoln bathroom remodeling projects. Your local building codes may require that you have a fan in place to disperse moisture and prevent mold and mildew growth; however, not all homeowners comply with this requirement, and not all homes have the proper exhaust systems in place.

Separating a tub or shower from the rest of the room makes ventilation more efficient. Rather than ventilating a large space after a shower or bath, you only have to clear the moisture from a limited area. Talk with your Lincoln bathroom remodeling contractor about how to install exhaust fans most efficiently to create adequate ventilation. An improperly installed fan may not provide the air flow you need to keep your space free from mold and mildew. Bathrooms in older Nebraska homes, in particular, may have inadequate exhaust systems.

A dehumidifier can dry and warm the air at the same time, a great advantage in the cold Nebraska winters. Dehumidifiers come in a range of sizes and styles to fit any space. In a small bath, a portable unit may be effective. In a larger space, consider installing a permanent unit to maintain a dry interior climate.

For most homeowners, Lincoln bathroom remodeling goals address both aesthetic concerns and functional issues. The end result of your project should be a more inviting, satisfying space. Compare quotes from several local professionals to find a contractor who can help you create the space you envision.

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