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Lakewood bathroom remodeling is a great way to increase the value of your Colorado home. Compared to other home improvement projects, Lakewood bathroom remodeling is relatively inexpensive. While it will not cost too much money to remodel your Colorado bathrooms it will make a substantial improvement in the valuation of your CO home. Lakewood residents are finding that it is a very cost effective way to upgrade your property. Lakewood bathroom remodeling is also popular because over time bathrooms endure much wear and tear. Faucets and showers can become leaky and inefficient. But, some Lakewood customers choose bathroom remodeling as a way to make their home more current and in style. Over the years your fixtures, cabinets, and hardware can become outdated.

Getting A New Shower

When it comes to Lakewood bathroom remodeling, the first thing that many CO residents replace is the shower. Whether a shower is out of style or in complete disrepair, there are different ways to approach your remodeling them. Many customers completely replace their existing shower with a new one. This includes tearing out the shower basin or bathtub. This process is more expensive and more time consuming. And since the construction process is loud and messy it can be inconvenient. Many Colorado residents attempt to keep their existing shower basin or bathtub and merely change the components of the shower that need changing. This is a less intensive remodeling process and will usually cost you less money.

If you are tearing out your existing shower basin or bathtub during your Lakewood bathroom remodeling there are many options to consider. Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price. Some more expensive tubs are jetted. Jetted tubs require reconfiguration to your plumbing systems but can be very enjoyable if used often enough. Many Lakewood residents find that they spend the extra money for a jetted tub but hardly utilize all the great features. More affordable tubs can still be aesthetically pleasing and very durable. It is important to make sure that you choose a tub that fits into your budget and into your bathroom space.

Many Colorado residents choose to upgrade to a custom tile shower as they undertake their Lakewood bathroom remodeling. Custom tile can make your bathrooms look much fancier and colorful. With a custom tile job you have more freedom in designing the style of your bathrooms. Tile is extraordinarily durable as well. But, grout lines in tile must be properly treated to insure they are not subject to water damage. While tile is more expensive then a prefabricate fiberglass or plastic shower basin, it can have added benefits. A tile shower will make your bathrooms more expensive and make your entire home that much more valuable and attractive to potential buyers.

Lakewood bathroom remodeling is also a great time to change the shower rod and curtain to a sliding glass door. Glass doors are more durable and look more expensive. Shower curtains are inexpensive but they are not as effective at keeping water in your shower. Glass doors are more secure and will not leak like a curtain that is not closed properly will. Glass doors are adorned with attractive hardware that can be ordered to match the showerheads and faucets in your bathroom.

A New Showerhead

Lakewood bathroom remodeling is also a great time to invest in new showerheads for your bathrooms. New showerheads use less water. You can be more environmentally friendly by using less water when you bathe. Just as attractive to many Lakewood residents is the fact that remodeling showerheads can also reduce your monthly water bill. New showerheads may use less water but they do not sacrifice water pressure. Many showerheads have adjustable settings that will make your showers more comfortable.

As you change out your showerheads it may also be a good idea to replace your faucets and hardware. You can make all of your bathroom fixtures and hardware match. This will make your bathroom look much sharper and put together. Old faucets can become leaky and can waste water. Faucets may also be updated just to make your bathrooms look more current and in style. Lakewood residents love the fact that they can undergo their bathroom remodeling in small increments.

Lakewood bathroom remodeling is a great way to remodel your CO home. It is a home remodeling project that real estate agents and appraisers often suggest. New bathrooms can be major selling points. And since it is such a cost effective upgrade, you can truly make your home more valuable without breaking the bank. And whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future or if you plan on staying in your Lakewood home for years to come, it could be perfect for your situation.

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