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Jersey City bathroom remodeling projects can dramatically transform a small bath. If your Jersey City bathroom remodeling project doesn't include actually making the space bigger, you can make your small bathroom look and feel bigger with some careful planning and smart use of the space. When trying to make your small Jersey City bathroom bigger, speak to your NJ contractor about how to tackle a Jersey City bathroom remodeling project that will make your small space seem bigger.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

When tackling a Jersey City bathroom remodeling project to make a small bath feel bigger, make smart choices when it comes to your fixtures. Changing out a vanity for a pedestal sink will create some additional space in your small New Jersey bath. When trying to maximize your small bath, choose scaled down fixtures that won't take up as much space as their larger counterparts.

Don't forget about your bathroom door when it comes to your Jersey City bathroom remodeling project. Door swing, or the space that the door occupies when it is being opened and closed, can take up a large amount of space in a small bath. When planning your Jersey City bathroom remodeling project, keep in mind the swing of your bathroom door when plotting out where your fixtures will be going.

Everyone loves natural light in a bathroom but windows in a small bath can take up too much space. A large window in a small bath space can make it difficult to place fixtures like a tub. If your Jersey City bathroom remodeling project includes the addition of windows, you may need to trade out your tub for a stand up shower stall.

When undergoing your Jersey City bathroom remodeling project, you're probably looking to get more bang for your buck. As remodeling projects in NJ are expensive, saving money anywhere you can is a good thing. Consider installing all of your fixtures, the tub, sink and toilet, along the same wall during your New Jersey bathroom remodel. This will keep some costs down, as your plumbing will not need to be redone, and can make your small space look bigger.

Decor in a Small Bath

When it comes to remodeling your small bath, its important to think about how the bath will be decorated after the remodeling portion is completed. Keeping your small Jersey City bath clutter free will do a lot to make the space look bigger. If you are used to storing your bath towels, wash cloths and hand towels in the bath, consider relocating them to keep your small space free of clutter. Find a home for everything that goes in the bath and keep it in its designated place. For everything that doesn't belong in the bath, find another home for it to keep your space devoid of space hogging clutter.

Light paint colors make a small space look bigger. As part of your NJ remodeling project, you'll have the opportunity to repaint your bath. Choose a light color to make the space look and feel bigger. If you have your heart set on an expensive, designer paint color, go ahead and splurge. You won't need a lot of paint to cover the walls of your small space.

When it comes time to redo the floor in your Jersey City bath, tile, laid on the diagonal, can trick the eye into making a space look bigger. Whether you are using ceramic or a different kind of tile, lay it diagonally to make the space look bigger. Your Jersey City contractor can get this portion of the job done relatively quickly.

Decorating a newly remodeled bath is probably the most fun part of the whole process. When decorating your small Jersey City bath, keep the decorative elements in proportion to your space. After taking the time to remodel your Jersey City bath in a way that makes the most of the small space, don't undo your hard work by adding oversized decorative elements, like trim. Keep all of your design elements in proportion to the size of the room for the most visually appealing remodel.

With a good contractor, an understanding of how best to use your space and some carefully chosen design elements, you can easily redo your small bath to make it look and feel bigger. A Jersey City bathroom remodeling project can drastically improve a small bath space. Even if you or your New Jersey contractor won't actually be adding square footage as part of your remodeling, you can still change your bath up in a way that makes it seem bigger. Making a small space seem bigger will only add to the value of your home as well as contribute to your enjoyment of your New Jersey home.

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