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Indianapolis bathroom remodeling quotes give you a basis for comparison when you're preparing a budget for this Indiana remodeling project. Whether you choose to work with a licensed IN contractor or take on the remodeling yourself, creating and following an accurate budget will help you manage your costs. Take the time to request estimates from several of the leading remodeling teams in Indianapolis to find contractors that can finish the remodel on time and stick with your original budget.

As the state's capital city, Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and one of the most rapidly growing communities in the country. Downtown Indianapolis is graced by an elegant skyline, while the city's neighborhoods feature a variety of architectural styles. From the spacious older homes of the North Side to the modern condos and lofts in the urban neighborhoods, Indianapolis bathroom remodeling plays an important part in determining the value of a property.

Mold Resistant Bathrooms

Bathroom cleaning is not a project that most homeowners and their families enjoy. In busy households, bathrooms may not be ventilated or cleaned often enough, and mold and mildew may take over as a result. A small IN bathroom may be especially challenging to clean, as many sinks and toilets have awkward corners or nooks that are difficult to dust and scrub. When floor space is limited, crowded sink pedestals, showers and toilets may gather water, which promotes mold growth. Mold may also grow in the grout between tiles.

To make matters worse, Indianapolis has a humid climate, especially in the summers. In the summer months, temperatures can exceed 90 degrees, and this hot, moist environment encourages microorganisms to grow in your bathroom. If reducing mold and mildew is one of the goals of your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project, think about ways to maximize ventilation while choosing materials and products that discourage mold growth.

A small bathroom window can be enlarged to increase ventilation in this space and throughout your Indianapolis home. In addition to enlarging the window, consider installing a casement window for maximum open space. Casement windows are hinged on the outside edges, so they open outward, like doors. A ceiling fan can also improve ventilation in your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project. Large ceiling fans lend a touch of tropical style to a Midwestern bath.

A heat recovery ventilator removes moisture from your IN bathroom, replacing humid air with dry air. In the cold Indiana winters, the warm air generated by a heat recovery ventilator is a welcome addition to any Indianapolis home. You can also discourage mold growth by remodeling your room with mold and mildew resistant surfaces. Nonporous materials, like quartz or ceramic, are less likely to attract moisture and microbes than porous stone or carpet. Keep the grout between your ceramic tiles mold free by cleaning with a bleach based product.

Bathroom Sink Ideas

Indianapolis bathroom remodeling ideas give you the opportunity to explore the latest trends in fixtures. If your sink and vanity haven't been replaced for 10 or 20 years, you may be surprised at some of the unique new styles that you have available. From elegant, sleek pedestal sinks to vessel basins that sit atop vanity, you don't have to settle for an outdated look. Wall hung sinks are fixed directly to the wall, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up the dusty nooks and crannies at the foot of a pedestal.

Unlike traditional, sunken basins, vessel sinks sit directly on another surface, such as a cabinet or vanity area. Glass, stone or ceramic vessel sinks add a striking, dramatic touch to your Indiana remodeling project. Pair sleek, contemporary chrome or nickel faucets and handles with a green glass vessel for an up to date, completely modern look. Although vessel sinks are elegant, they are also not as splash proof as sunken basins. In a room that gets a lot of traffic, frequent hand washing may also mean frequent splashes and more cleanup.

For active households with busy bathrooms, maximizing storage space is a common goal. You can maximize the functionality of your sink by including cabinets below your vanity in your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project. Include one or more drawers in your cabinet for smaller appliances or accessories that might get lost in a larger cabinet space. Focus your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling ideas on using your sink for storage as well as personal care.

Indianapolis bathroom remodeling ideas open up new opportunities for your interior decor. If your current space makes you feel crowded, cramped and rushed when you get ready for work or school, your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling ideas may make all the difference in the world in how you feel about using this area. Compare quotes from several of the top local remodeling professionals to find a team that offers top notch service at reasonable rates.

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