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Your Greensboro bathroom remodeling goals don't have to reflect the latest trends in bathroom design. A bathroom is a personal space, where your favorite colors, styles and materials should take precedence over passing fashions. A North Carolina bathroom remodeling project can make this area of your home more efficient and attractive while presenting an expression of your individual style.

Professional Greensboro bathroom remodeling consultants can offer valuable guidance in how to make your visions of the perfect bathroom a reality. Whether or not you have a clear image of exactly what you want from your North Carolina bathroom remodeling adventures, you may be more satisfied with the results if you work with an interior design professional. Take the time to meet with several remodeling experts in NC to review quotes, evaluate portfolios and share your Greensboro bathroom remodeling ideas.

Adding Glamour to a Bathroom

With its thriving economy, its hospitable business climate and its gracious older buildings, the city of Greensboro represents some of the best features of the Old and New South. The tobacco industry once dominated Greensboro, but the city has now shifted its economic emphasis to research and development, education and other sectors. Homeowners in Greensboro have a wealth of professional and cultural opportunities to choose from. The city is home to a number of gifted remodeling experts who can help you get the most from your bathroom renovation.

As the pace of life in North Carolina grows faster, efficiency has become more important in our households. Bathrooms are one area of a NC home where homeowners can slow down and enjoy a touch of luxury and glamour in an otherwise hectic, ultra-efficient day. A glamorous master bath can provide a personal refuge away from the stress of daily life. Glamorous accents can also make you feel more attractive when you get ready in the morning or prepare to go out at night.

Elegant Greensboro bathroom remodeling ideas can draw from vintage styles or contemporary designs to create a look that fits your idea of glamour. You may love the look of ornate, baroque fixtures and dramatic wall sconces, or the glittering light from a chandelier. On the other hand, you may prefer a more pared down, understated look, that focuses on the beauty of gold and ivory marble countertops or flawless green glass vessel sinks.

The vanity is the centerpiece of many glamorous Greensboro bathrooms. This feature can become the focal point of your remodeling project if you choose an eye catching arrangement of counters, cabinets, and of course, a sweeping mirror. Use a large mirror to draw attention to the most elegant features of your Greensboro decor by positioning the mirror so that it doubles the reflection of your focal point. For instance, a chandelier reflected in a mirror makes this unique touch all the more dramatic.

Faux painting is an affordable way to bring luxury and elegance to your North Carolina home. If you're gifted at home decorating, you can pick up the techniques of faux painting yourself. Apply these techniques to create walls that resemble terracotta, marble, distressed glass or parchment. Gold leaf painting can turn a Greensboro master bath into an elegant showcase. Let your imagination and creativity set the tone for your glamorous Greensboro bathroom remodeling ideas.

Eco Friendly Remodeling

The emphasis on "green" household technology has lead to a focus on water conserving, eco friendly features in Greensboro bathroom remodeling. Low flow toilets and faucets can conserve hundreds of gallons of water each week, while adding style to your NC home. The subtle, streamlined appearance of some of these new fixtures lends aesthetic appeal to your room, while helping you do your part to benefit the environment with your Greensboro bathroom remodeling plans.

Use sustainable products in your eco friendly Greensboro bathroom remodeling scheme to make the most of your green remodel. Bamboo flooring is a sustainable product that brings beauty to this personal space with its characteristic golden or light brown tones and its knots or streaks. Bamboo is a hardy, durable, water resistant grass that brings renewable visual appeal to your design. Unlike other types of wood flooring, bamboo is resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Maximizing natural daylight in your bathing area will reduce the need for electricity. Install a new window or a tubular skylight to bring sunshine into this space. Replace old, under-performing windows with new replacement products that will keep the room well insulated in the winter time.

Discuss your goals with several Greensboro bathroom remodeling professionals to find a consultant whose interests and sense of style correspond with your own. Although you don't necessarily need a licensed contractor for all aspects of your project, a contractor can be a valuable partner in your remodel. Use online technology to find an interior design expert who can help you realize your visions.

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