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A Glendale bathroom remodeling plan should be comprehensive enough to allow you to develop a reliable budget. At the same time, your plan should be flexible enough to accommodate any last minute changes, unforeseen problems or unexpected delays. Remodeling a bathroom can boost the value of your Arizona property and make this personal care space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. A plan for your Glendale bathroom remodeling project makes it easier to achieve your goals without blowing your remodeling budget.

Located less than ten miles from downtown Phoenix, the community of Glendale benefits from the amenities and conveniences of a larger urban area while enjoying the more laid back pace of a smaller city. Like other AZ communities, Glendale has a desert climate, with temperatures that may exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. For many locals, the beauty of this desert region makes up for its extreme temperatures. Glendale bathroom remodeling themes can create a cool space in your AZ home at any time of the year.

Creative Bathroom Sinks

If your old sunken basin is stained, cracked and just plain outdated, consider replacing your sink as part of your Glendale bathroom remodeling project. Today's new fixtures are more creative than ever, with innovative designs, textures and styles that make them stand out from the crowd in your Arizona bathroom remodel. An eye catching sink can be a focal point in your Glendale bathroom, capturing the attention of guests or family members. Think about including a new, updated sink or an attractive vintage fixture as one of your Arizona remodeling goals.

Sinks can be multi functional, with a complementary surface for cosmetics and appliances, and a backsplash to protect the wall from water exposure. Alternatively, a sink can be a stand alone fixture, with no counters to obstruct the surrounding space. An elegant pedestal sink can be as graceful as a flower, while a stand alone, wall hung sink provides a neat, efficient solution for a tiny bathroom. Form and function dictate the type of sink you choose for your Glendale bathroom remodeling scheme.

Unlike the classic sunken sinks, vessel sinks sit atop a vanity or counter. These stylish fixtures can be square rather than round, giving your Glendale bathroom an entirely unique look. Vessels may be made of glass, porcelain, or stone, with matching hardware that completes this creative look. In a busy Glendale household, vessels may create more splashing than sunken basins. A vessel sink should be paired with a tile or stone backsplash.

In busy households, more than one sink may be needed to give everyone a chance to get ready in the morning. Dual vanities with matching counters, sinks and medicine cabinets make an AZ master bath more efficient and inviting. Twin pedestal sinks with a short, marble-topped vanity between them add a note of vintage elegance to your Arizona decor. While trough sinks are frequently used in industrial kitchens or labs, these fixtures are gaining popularity in households where multiple family members need to wash their hands or brush their teeth at once.

Antiques in Bathroom Decor

Glendale is known as the "antique capital" of the state, and residents often add antiques from dealerships or from their personal collections to their remodeling projects. Bathrooms are the ideal setting for displaying antiques and family heirlooms. Whether you're remodeling your space in a vintage or contemporary style, antique furniture, mirrors, lighting fixtures or accents evoke a sense of nostalgia and bring back the graceful beauty of the past.

Antique bathtubs, sinks, cabinets, vanities or hardware can take on star status in your Glendale bathroom remodeling plans. You can focus your remodeling ideas on a single fixture, like an elegant clawfoot tub, a classic console sink or an heirloom chandelier. This piece may be the only older object in the room, or you can create a vintage design theme using subway tiles, ornate wall lamps and delicate neutral colors that create a sense of an earlier era.

When you're selecting antiques for a Glendale bathroom remodeling project, you don't have to restrict your search to sinks, tubs and other fixtures that are designed specifically for bathrooms. A vanity table that once graced a turn of the century bedroom can be refinished and brought into your Glendale bathroom remodeling project. Use this graceful fixture as the surface for one or two vessel sinks that resemble ceramic wash basins from years gone by.

Creative Glendale bathroom remodeling ideas don't have to remain in the realm of your imagination. Look for affordable accents, repurposed antiques from thrift stores or heirlooms from your own home to add visual interest and color to your home. Bathrooms can be the perfect place to share some of these beautiful, collectible fixtures and furnishings with family and friends.

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