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With affordable Garland bathroom remodeling products, you can reduce the overall cost of your project without giving up style or quality. If you get creative with your shopping choices for your Texas bathroom remodel, you can find unique fixtures, accents and accessories that don't cost a fortune. Shop at discount showrooms, thrift stores and even in your own Texas house for furniture or hardware that could be given a new life with your Garland bathroom remodeling ideas.

Garland bathroom remodeling can boost the resale value of your TX house while turning your bathroom into a personal spa, a colorful family bath or a charming guest bathroom. Spacious, well organized bathrooms are a strong selling point in Texas home sales, and homeowners who invest in Garland bathroom remodeling often have better results when they put their property on the market. Whether you're thinking of selling your house in a year or two or planning to stay in your Garland home for decades, remodeling can make you feel better about your dwelling.

Engineered Stone for Bathrooms

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Garland is a stable, secure Texas community, where you can build a solid career, raise a family and enjoy an enriching social life. TX homeowners are proud of their property, and Garland bathroom remodeling is one way they express the pride of home ownership. Even if your remodeling plans are as big as the state of TX, you can create a look of luxury without spending a lot of money. Enjoy the natural beauty and permanence of granite at a discount by exploring the possibility of engineered stone.

Engineered stone, or quartz, is a manufactured product that combines the natural glitter of crystals with man made materials to create visually pleasing surfaces for your bathroom remodeling plans. Quartz slabs or tiles can provide an affordable, long lasting substitute for granite or marble, adding style and a sense of indulgence to your bathroom remodeling project without overextending your Garland household budget. Choose from a spectrum of rich, natural colors, from ivory and pale gold to pink, brown or gray.

While it's possible to install engineered slabs or tiles yourself, many Garland homeowners work with licensed contractors to complete this part of the job. Any surface that could be covered with natural stone can be tiled with quartz, instead to create the look you want at a lower cost. Because engineered stone is non-porous, its surfaces do not absorb water or attract bacteria, mold or mildew. Keeping your engineered stone counters clean and sanitary is easier than cleaning ceramic tile, laminate or wood.

If you're remodeling your Garland bathroom on a tight budget, quartz tiles and slabs offer a way to fulfill your goal of using natural remodeling materials without exceeding your financial limits. Granite, marble, limestone and travertine are too costly for many homeowners, especially if your remodel is extensive. You can fit the beauty of stone into your bathroom remodel by contacting a supplier who specializes in engineered products for Garland bathrooms.

Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring

In high traffic family rooms, where the activity never seems to stop, you need a durable, low maintenance flooring material that resists water, scuffs and scratches. Vinyl and linoleum offer a low priced, low maintenance alternative to ceramic, stone or laminate tiles. Vinyl and linoleum are man made products that are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. Both of these products can be purchased in patterns that resemble the natural textures of wood or marble.

Linoleum fell out of favor in Garland bathroom remodeling for many years, but new versions of this product are now making a comeback. Because linoleum is made with biodegradable products like linseed oil and cork, this product is considered a renewable material and has become a popular addition to green Garland bathroom remodeling projects. Vinyl is a synthetic material that is widely used in home improvement products, from siding to replacement windows. Vinyl flooring is inexpensive, long lasting and easy to install.

Both linoleum and vinyl require the installation of a sub floor before the tiles or sheets can be applied. Older versions of linoleum contained asbestos, a potentially hazardous material that must be removed using special precautions. If you're replacing an old linoleum floor, contact a Garland bathroom remodeling contractor to complete this project safely.

You don't have to invest a lot of cash in Garland bathroom remodeling to get long lasting, satisfying results. By selecting less expensive equivalents of the materials you love, you can create the decor you want on a limited budget. You'll have more money left over for new fixtures, lighting and possibly even the installation of a personal spa unit if you trim your costs in other areas of your remodel. Compare estimates from talented contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to get the most out of this project.

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