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Finding inexpensive Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling products can make a big difference in the overall cost of your project. If you love the permanence and color of granite but you don't have room in your budget for solid granite countertops, consider substituting engineered quartz counters. If the gleam of natural wood appeals to you, a laminate product that offers the authentic look of oak, maple or cherry may be an appropriate choice for your Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling plans.

Whether you're shopping for new cabinets, sinks, bathtubs or hardware, comparison shopping can lead you to the most affordable versions of these products for your Indiana bathroom remodel. If you prefer shopping online, look for retailers that have an Indiana outlet in your area. You can save money on the cost of shipping by paying for your products online and picking up the delivery yourself. The money you save in any area of your Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling project can add up quickly.

Finding a Remodeling Contractor

Manufacturing, health care, education and defense are among the primary contributors to the Fort Wayne economy. Homes in the historic city of Fort Wayne reflect a variety of architectural traditions. From Queen Anne and Colonial style homes to Art Deco and postmodern buildings, you'll find a wide range of residences in this Indiana community. Remodeling your IN bathroom can make your daily routines easier and more efficient, while boosting the resale value of your house.

As the second largest city in Indiana, Fort Wayne is home to a large number of remodeling contractors and interior design professionals. Finding a remodeling professional in Fort Wayne is easy, but locating a reliable, licensed contractor with a solid history of remodeling Fort Wayne bathrooms may take a bit of time. Comparing online estimates from several Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling consultants is the most efficient way to begin your search.

Look for a bathroom remodeling contractor who is licensed to perform IN home improvement projects. In addition to being licensed, your contractor should also be insured. Liability insurance covers any damages that might occur to your Fort Wayne home as a result of a Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling project. The contractor you choose should have a permanent place of business and a portfolio of previous projects to review with you. Request references from other IN clients who can verify that the contractor is dependable, timely and cost conscious.

A bathroom design professional can evaluate your room from a fresh point of view and provide valuable advice on how to make the most of your space. When you're choosing a designer, take the time to talk with the consultant and exchange ideas on style, color and layout. The designer you choose should have a sense of style that corresponds with your own and should defer to your preferences rather than imposing his or her tastes on your bathroom decor.

Choosing the Ideal Bathtub

For many homeowners, the bathtub is the focal point of a bathroom. Bathing is one of the primary functions of this area of the home, but the bathtub also serves as a central design element and as a relaxing refuge for the members of your household. When you include a new bathtub in your Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling project, you may be pleasantly surprised at the number of new tubs on the market. Advances in technology and innovations in interior decorating have created a host of unique bathing options.

Whirlpool tubs, padded "soft" tubs and personal spas with air jets are among the new advances in bathing. If comfort and pain relief are your priorities, look for a bathtub that offers features like massage or steam units. With an air jet tub, you can add essential oils or bathing salts to your bath. If creating a striking decor is the focus of your Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling project, consider a dramatic sunken tub, a glamorous vintage model or a sleek, streamlined, ultra-modern bathtub.

The surroundings of your bathtub are as important as the tub itself when it comes to creating the right tone and atmosphere. With elegant recessed lighting in the ceiling above the tub, this fixture can take center stage in your decor. Romantic wall sconce lamps shed a more subtle light, setting the perfect tone for a long, relaxing bath after a stressful day. Include a partial or full glass enclosure for privacy, or set up portable Japanese screens that can be moved or replaced as needed.

Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling projects can transform your room from floor to ceiling or may address only one or two features. You don't necessarily have to accomplish all of your goals at once. Fort Wayne bathroom remodeling can be a work in progress that gradually leads to the personal spa or family bathroom of your dreams.

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