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Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodeling

Do it yourself bathroom remodeling projects are one of the most common of the many improvements and upgrades you can do to your home. Remodeling a bathroom yourself can be very easy and cost efficient if planned right. It is important to have a clear idea of what exactly you are trying to accomplish with the remodeling project.

DIY Bathroom Renovations

Do it yourself bathroom remodeling is one of the best home improvements you can do yourself and get a good return on. When you redesigning rooms in your home yourself you save on labor and other bathroom remodel costs associated with paying a contractor to plan your project. In addition to low over head investment conquering a do it yourself bathroom remodeling project will raise the value of your own so much so that if you sell your home within a year of remodeling the bathroom, the average bathroom remodeling project will pay for itself in added value.

Deciding what you want to pay and what you can afford will help you get the most out of your money. Budgeting before you start to even plan the project completely and sticking to a strict budget will keep your remodeling project on track. Through out do it yourself bathroom remodeling job a good budget will be the back bone of the project and keep you from deviating from original intended plans.

Picking out new fixtures for your bathroom is a quick way to do an easy upgrade to your project. Upgrading to high end faucets, hand towel hanger, bath towel racks, toilet paper holders, and light covers will add a great look to the room, and give it more appeal to potential buyers if your home is on the market. When conquering your do it yourself bathroom remodeling job it is important to make sure all of the fixtures match or at least coordinate and accent the room.

Bigger ticket items will add the most to the value of the project of the do it yourself bathroom remodeling projects. Changing out builder grade toilets, sinks and tubs to high end versions will completely change the appearance of the room. Changing or adding shower doors or base trim are other ways to gain a more appealing room. When you change these items out they will then become the center focus of the room, and the best do it yourself bathroom remodeling projects will be planned around the major points in the room.

Involved areas to upgrade will save yourself the maximum amount by tackling the project alone. Changing from vinyl or laminate flooring to real tiles or other authentic materials will add a lot of value to the project. Knocking down and moving walls, or changing the walls will require more skill to do on your own but will have high pay offs if you do a successful job on them. Redoing celiling with panels or drywall instead of spackling will change the builder grade look and make your bathroom more comfortable feeling.

Adding personal touches to the project will make you do it yourself have a welcoming finished product. Small items such as pictures and painting or any art work will add a unique touch to the room and will match the rest of your home. Getting design ideas from books and magainzes will present with options on adding finishing touches to your do it yourself bathroom remodeling project.

When to Get Professional Help

Some times these projects get off course and do not go as planned. When remodeling any room yourself it is not uncommon to come across obstacles you had not initially anticipated in the project plans. In some instances doing a partial DIY remodel and enlisting the help of a contractor will speed up the completion time and doing some of the work on your own will still equate to more savings than leaving the entire project up to someone else.

Moving a major part of the room may be a point where you need to help of a contractor since there is plumbing involved and parts of the floor will need to be drilled out. Moving walls or adding walls may require professional planning skills and tools to ensure the structure of the room stays intact and clean looking. Adding any fixture that needs plumbing run to it that was not otherwise there may require an experienced professional.

Anything requiring electrical work is advisable that you seek the assistance of an experinced electricain. New electrical outlets, lighting that wasn't prevously there when the house was built, or an outlet needing a stronger electrial current than is currently there will need a highly skilled person with previous experice. Having professional help to assist in some areas of your do it yourself bathroom remodeling project may save you from having to double back on work.

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