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Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodel

A do it yourself bathroom remodel is a great way to increase the value and comfort of your home. It is a great home improvement project to invest in if you are looking to sell your home. Real estate agents and home appraisers often suggest this remodel because it is a major selling point that can be listed on the real estate listing. A remodeled bathroom will help you sell your home quicker and for more money. A do it yourself bathroom remodel job is also a great upgrade to make if you are planning on staying in your home for years to come. Also, it will make your bathrooms more comfortable, functional, and beautiful. Since they endure such great wear and tear, they are often the first rooms that need remodeling in a home.

The beauty of a do it yourself bathroom remodel is that it can be done in small increments. You do not need to invest in an entire remodel at once. That is to say, you can simply upgrade certain components and elements within the rooms. As certain appliances and components become damaged or malfunctioning, you can install new ones without resorting to completely tearing apart the room. This is a very cost effective way to make the bathroom look new.

Upgrading You Showerhead

Many people who invest in a do it yourself bathroom remodel find that they can save a lot of water by purchasing new showerheads. Showerhead technology has made much advancement in the past decade. Today's heads use less water without sacrificing water pressure. They also have many adjustable settings that give you different pressure options and spray patterns to make your showering more comfortable and luxurious. Simply installing a new showerhead will allow you to save a little bit of money on your monthly water bill and, more importantly, help you to reduce your environmental impact.

Do it yourself bathroom remodel projects like replacing showerheads are quite simple. You can handle such tasks without any particular set of construction or handyman skills or expensive tools. Many people like to change out their faucets as well. New faucets are also more water efficient. You can coordinate your faucets with other components in your bathroom, like hardware and showerheads, to make the room look more put together and complete. This coordination can greatly increase the style and functionality of your rooms.

Upgrading Your Shower Door

Another great do it yourself bathroom remodel job to invest in is upgrading to a sliding glass shower door. Most showers have simple shower rod and curtains. These are great, affordable options but they are difficult to clean and not particularly easy to use. A sliding glass door works better at preventing water from escaping out of your shower. They are also much easier to clean and they add a touch of class and style to the room. These sliding glass door kits do require some skill and care to install by yourself. But if you are able to lift the glass and have a few simple tools and skills, you can do it the remodel yourself and follow the instructions to end up with a great final product.

Many people get a new toilet when they invest in a do it yourself bathroom remodel. Installing a new toilet is actually quite easy. It does take some heavy lifting and labor, particularly when it comes to removing the existing toilet. But, like new showerheads, new toilets use less water, allowing you to run a more environmentally friendly household. And, toilets are available in many different, attractive styles and colors. But, they are also available in different bowl sizes and seat heights. Not all toilets will fit into any bathroom. You need to measure your existing toilet before you remove it to make sure you buy the appropriate size. A new toilet can actually add much class and style to your bathrooms and they are easy to install yourself. So, if your current toilet is broken or malfunctioning you should consider making this investment as soon as possible.

A do it yourself bathroom remodel is a great investment to make into your residence. If you can remodel your bathroom by yourself you can save a large amount of money on installation and contractors fees. Also, when you do the remodel yourself, you can plan it according to your own schedule. When you remodel your bathroom yourself it is smart to do one room at a time in order to keep your home functional and livable during the process. Do it yourself bathroom remodel projects are affordable and quick. You only need to repair or upgrade certain elements. You do not need to commit to the time and price of remodeling an entire room at once.

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