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A DIY bathroom remodel project can be exciting to begin. However, before you begin this DIY or "Do it yourself" bathroom remodel you will want to be sure you have completed all the necessary research. You will also want to make sure that you have the tools to DIY as well. You should also review the entire project and make sure you have budgeted for all the supplies as well. Making multiple additional trips to the home remodel store can quickly add up and result in going over the budget you have set for your project.

Determine Your Project Needs

The first step when embarking on any DIY bathroom remodel project is to decide exactly which parts of your bathroom you would like to remodel. There are numerous renovations in your bathroom that you can easily complete with a little DIY knowledge. Replacing a toilet is a simple task to complete. Make sure that you have a basic knowledge of plumbing and always turn the water off before you begin. If your toilet is a different size than the one you had previously, this may mean you need to also remodel the flooring as well during your basement bathroom remodeling project.

If you are going to replace your sink during your DIY bathroom remodel then you will once again need to make sure you have the water shut off. If you are going from a sink that is built into a cabinet area to a pedestal sink then you will need to do additional renovations. You will likely need to paint the walls and possibly remodel the flooring because those areas were previously hidden by the sink cabinet.

If you plan on replacing the bathtub as part of your DIY bathroom remodel project then you want to be sure that you take accurate measurements to be sure that the new one will fit in the required space. This is especially true for any prefab bathtub or shower encasements. If you have no experience replacing a tub or shower you may want to consult with a local plumber to get some advice for this stage of your DIY bathroom remodel.

Tiling Project Tips

If you do choose to tile the bathtub encasement area, you will want to be sure that you are very familiar with how to tile. Many try to do DIY tiling with little to no knowledge and the job can end up looking very amateur. Many home renovation stores offer free instructions on how to tile your bathroom. You will also need to be sure to purchase a special tile cutter as a standard household saw will not work. It is a good idea to make sure you have knee pads for this project as this DIY bathroom remodel requires you to spend a significant amount of time on your knees.

Before you begin your tile project you should draw a diagram of the pattern you would like to create with the tile. It is important to keep this diagram handy throughout the project to be sure that you are able to implement your design. This step should be done before you buy the tiles so that you can determine how many of each style, color, or shape that you need. Also before you start the actual DIY bathroom remodel job of tiling your bathroom, you will want to remove your bathroom door. This will make it much easier to move around in the space as the door will not be in the way at all.

And, of course you will want to remove any old flooring completely as well. Carpet is going to be much easier to remove than old tile, but a simple flat head screwdriver will be very handing in getting old tiles up. When it is time to start DIY tiling you should only mix a portion of the cement at a time. If you mix it all, it will end up drying out and you will have to buy more. If it is a small area you intend to remodel by tiling, then you can save yourself some time and headache by going to your local home improvement store and get them to cut the tile for you.

DIY Budget

Of course you can save money by doing a DIY bathroom remodel. This is because you do not have to pay the cost of labor for someone else to do the job. But, your time is valuable as well so it is a good idea to target how long this DIY bathroom remodel will take you. Also determine whether you have the skills to complete the project as you would like. Once you determine those things you can decide whether it is cost effective and wise to complete this project on your own.

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