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Detroit bathroom remodeling estimates get you started in your search for an urban bathroom that's visually striking, comfortable and convenient. As a global center of the automotive industry, Detroit is also a hub of music and culture in Michigan. With its distinct urban style and unique blend of architectural and design traditions, Detroit is home to many talented bathroom remodeling contractors. To find a Michigan remodel professional whose tastes, style and rates fit your needs, compare quotes from several of the top MI remodeling consultants.

Any bathroom remodeling project must balance aesthetic considerations with practical concerns. The cold winds and heavy snows of a Michigan winter make modern conveniences like radiant floor heating important considerations for your Detroit bathroom remodeling ideas. Steam showers, personal spas and towel warmers turn your bathroom into a soothing retreat even on the coldest MI morning. Blend form and function in a unique design with creative Detroit bathroom remodeling ideas.

Minimalist Remodeling Ideas

In this fast paced, urban atmosphere, less is sometimes more when it comes to Detroit bathroom remodeling projects. A sleek, uncluttered, minimalist bathroom can maximize the efficiency of this personal pace, helping you get ready for your day in record time. At the end of a hectic work day, coming home to a long, hot soak in a pared down setting can be a deeply relaxing experience.

Minimalist fixtures are subtle, understated and never fussy or overblown. A sleek, modern sink may feature white enamel, gray or black quartz countertops and streamlined chrome faucets. A low flush toilet fits neatly into a minimalist Detroit decor, while helping you reduce your water usage. Stone tiles bring a sense of strength and permanence to your Michigan room. A partially open shower enclosure with a simple glass door and built-in benches offers a touch of luxury in the form of specialized shower heads that turn the enclosure into a steam room.

If you love the simplicity and the emphasis on nature that characterize Asian remodeling themes, you can apply these design principles to your Detroit home. Choose colors and textures that evoke the elements of the natural world, like bamboo flooring and stone countertops. Use a subtle palette of neutral colors, like ivory, white and pearl. A water sculpture adds a calming touch to your Detroit decorating scheme. If you share this space with other members of your household, use Japanese privacy screens to separate the different personal care areas.

Because a streamlined, minimalist decor places an emphasis on opening up space and removing clutter, this simple approach to Detroit bathroom remodeling may help you make the most of a small room. Recessed cabinets and shelves fit neatly into your decor without infringing on your interior space. Understated, modern fixtures consume less square footage than the bulkier fixtures of the past. Install a set of drawers or a pair of cabinets under a sink to increase your storage space and make more room for grooming.

Remodeling a Loft Bath

Lofts and warehouse conversions are popular in urban areas throughout the country, and Detroit is no exception. Whether you love the look of an industrial space or you're striving for a more colorful, artistic atmosphere, your Detroit bathroom remodeling ideas should complement the overall style you're trying to achieve. In a true loft conversion, where space for showers, tubs and toilets is often limited, a Detroit bathroom remodeling project may be an important step in the process of designing a livable space.

Many lofts have an open or semi-open floorplan, and MI homeowners must create visual barriers to separate their living areas. If your loft hasn't left you with much space for personal care, think about expanding the area by creating a space for a vanity and sink outside of the bathroom itself. You can then section off this area from rest of your living environment with portable Asian privacy screens or with a more permanent installation, like a glass brick wall.

In your Detroit bathroom remodeling plan, consider ways to expand space by enhancing light. Skylights draw natural light into a small, crowded loft space. If your loft has high ceilings, an inoperable skylight may be more appropriate than adding an operable window, especially in the local climate. The light streaming down through a skylight will draw attention to the ultra-modern or vintage bathtub and sink that you've installed in your stylish loft. If the room is tiny, shop for small fixtures or wall-hung sinks and toilets, which have a smaller footprint.

Detroit bathroom remodeling concepts may range from elegant and luxurious to sleek and contemporary. Use the colors and styles of the city for inspiration when you're planning your decor. Define your personal preferences by collecting your favorite photos in magazines and home design books. For valuable advice, inspiration and estimates, consult a talented interior design professional.

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