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Dallas Bathroom Remodeling

Dallas bathroom remodeling concepts can be as big and colorful as this metropolis itself. Whether you're remodeling a half bath, a powder room for guests or a deluxe Texas master bathroom, your creative ideas can add style and drama to your decorating scheme. Start with a palette of colors that sets the mood you want to create, then plan your decor around these core shades. Study the current layout of your TX bathroom to see how you could make this important area more efficient.

If your existing layout follows the traditional single-line plan, with your sink, toilet and tub or shower arranged in a row, you may decide that you can make better use of the space by changing the arrangement of these fixtures. Modifying plumbing lines usually requires hiring a professional plumber. Although working with licensed contractors will increase the cost of your project, you may get more satisfying results from your Dallas bathroom remodeling projects if you work with experts to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Bathroom Storage Remodeling

As one of the most prominent economic and cultural centers in the American South, Dallas offers its residents a vast array of professional, educational and recreational opportunities. This Texas city is home to more Fortune 500 companies than most other cities in the US, as well as a number of top ranked educational institutions, sports teams and cultural facilities. In this busy Southern metropolis, having a bathroom that's spacious, efficient and visually striking is important to many homeowners. Dallas bathroom remodeling projects make these goals a reality.

In any Dallas home, storage is a key consideration. Without adequate space for storing appliances, cosmetic products, towels, linens and cleansers, most Dallas bathroom remodeling efforts would be pointless. Installing beautiful fixtures, surfaces and lighting in this space won't make a difference if every surface and fixture is cluttered with personal items. Cabinets, drawers, shelving and closets should be taken into consideration in almost every TX remodeling project.

Even a large room can become crowded quickly if there isn't enough storage space. An extended countertop can conceal a set of drawers or cabinets that are roomy enough to hold all of your soaps, accessories and cosmetics. Electrical outlets can be installed discreetly underneath your counters, so that hair dryers, electric razors and other appliances can be plugged in at all times, then tucked away when they're not in use. Recessed cabinets and shelves provide storage space for extra towels and linens.

In a vintage or cottage style Dallas bath, consider quaint stand-alone cabinets for towels and extra supplies. If you're remodeling your TX home on a budget, shop for cabinets, vanities or bookshelves at thrift stores or yard sales, then refinish and repaint them to match your Dallas decor. When it comes to Dallas bathroom remodeling, you're free to use any form of shelving or storage that strikes your fancy. Woven baskets, wicker hampers, even old steamer trunks can be integrated into your remodeling project to add storage space.

Remodeling a Bathroom for Kids

With all of the schools, sports and cultural activities that Dallas has to offer, this Texas city is a great place to raise a family. If your Dallas home has several bathrooms, you can devote an entire room to your little ones. In a kids' space, your Dallas bathroom remodeling ideas can focus on the fixtures and features that make this area safe, secure and fun for children. Encourage your kids to participate in this Dallas bathroom remodeling project by contributing their own ideas.

When you design a space for small children, you can install fixtures that meet their height requirements. Instead of standing on step-stools to wash their hands or brush their teeth, little ones can have countertops and sinks that accommodate their size. A smaller toilet can be latched for security, and shower heads and bathtub faucets can be pressure controlled to modulate temperature and water pressure. Install latches on cabinets to keep curious toddlers from exploring these areas. Make sure electrical outlets are childproof or are out of little ones' reach.

Dallas bathroom remodeling ideas for a children's room can be as bright, bold or colorful as you want them to be. Decorate with primary colors of red, blue and yellow, using lady bugs, trucks or undersea creatures as accents. Experiment with pink, green, orange and other candy colors that appeal to children. Waterproof wall decals allow you to create a mural of fun characters, stripes or polka dots that can be removed and replaced as your children's tastes and interests change.

Your imagination and budget are the only limits to your Dallas bathroom remodeling ideas. Think beyond the usual products, materials and fixtures to design a decor that's entirely unique to your home. For inspiration and practical advice, compare quotes from several of the leading interior designers in your community.

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