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Cost to Remodel Bathroom

The cost to remodel bathroom components varies greatly depending on the item you are replacing and the labor it takes to do so. A simple sink faucet will cost less to remodel than an entire bathtub or shower enclosure. If budget is a primary concern as you embark on your remodel project then you may want to select the more inexpensive and less labor consuming components of your bathroom to remodel. By changing out a few things you can give your bathroom a whole new appearance.

Low Cost Replacements

It is a fairly low cost to remodel bathroom faucets and accessories. And, replacing the sink faucet, tub faucet, and shower head with new matching ones can give your bathroom an updated fresh look. Since these items have lower price tags and take significantly less labor time and expertise, the cost to remodel bathroom faucets is significantly lower than other bathroom renovation jobs. You may even choose to update your accessories to match. Upgrade to a matching towel rod, toilet paper holder, and garbage can to complete the look.

A fresh coat of paint and some new pictures for the walls are also low priced improvements that can be made. If you decide to use any wallpaper in your space, be sure to use only a bathroom friendly selection that has the capability to withstand a lot of humidity and moisture. Another option is to replace the vanity mirror over the sink with something that more matches your personal taste. Or change the lighting to create an ambiance and relaxing atmosphere. Finishing touches like new hand towels and bath mats can complete the look.

Fixture Remodel

If your bathroom is in need of a more intense remodel you may also need to change your sink, toilet, and bathtub. The cost to remodel bathroom fixtures like a sink or toilet is slightly higher than simple faucet changes. But the cost varies depending on which type of sink or toilet you go with. A basic stand alone pedestal sink is going to be less expensive than a built in vanity with premium wood and marble sink. The price of toilets also varies depending on their features such as water efficiency or dual flush capabilities.

It is a much higher cost to remodel bathroom tubs and showers. These types of remodel jobs require that the entire enclosure also be replaced. And, they are much more time consuming jobs so the labor cost is higher as well. There is a wide selection of bathtubs available from basic ones to deep soaker jet options. Select a pre-made tub or shower to save on cost or spend a little more with a fully customized built in bathing space from an experienced remodeled bathroom contractor.

Major Renovations

The cost to remodel bathroom flooring varies with what type of flooring you choose. For example, a basic laminate floor tile is much less expensive than a high end granite tile. However, there are many ceramic tile options that are a fit for any budget. Consider the size of your space when making your selection as the larger the space, the more flooring materials you will need to buy. Talk to your contractor about creative ideas that may be used to pattern a less expensive tile to appear to be higher end materials.

The cost to remodel bathroom plumbing can be higher depending on the extent of the job. Your renovation project may require some essential plumbing work to fix a persistent water leak. However, if your plumbing needs extend beyond your bathroom, the cost of the project may increase substantially. Have an expert review the space and project needs in advance so you can plan ahead to accommodate any special plumbing needs.

If your space has a lot of water damage or mold problems you may also need to replace the drywall as well. The cost to remodel bathroom spaces that are affected by mold may be slightly higher because you will want to hire professionals experienced in the handling and disposal of potentially dangerous molds. The space will need to be professionally cleaned as well prior to the new drywall being installed to be sure the mold does not come back. The completion of this project will not only increase the resale value of your home but will also ensure you and your families safety as you continue to live in this mold free space.

Talk to your contractor about the cost to remodel bathroom components. You may choose to adjust your budget to save money in one area to accommodate a more extravagant choice in another. For example, you may choose to go with basic sink, toilet, and bathtub fixtures so you can afford that beautiful granite flooring that you have had your eye on.

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