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Many Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling projects can be accomplished by skilled, creative homeowners. Tiling, installing counters and vanities, replacing fixtures and painting walls are within reach of many do-it-yourselfers. The trick is to determine which of these projects you feel confident about taking on yourself, and which should be saved for a licensed contractor. Many homeowners leave projects related to plumbing, wiring or making major structural changes in the bathroom to the professionals.

If you enjoy Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling, taking over any aspect of the project can save you money on the cost of labor. You can also cut your costs by shopping for bathtubs, toilets, sinks or cabinets in showrooms instead of ordering customized versions of these fixtures. Wherever possible, substitute a less expensive version of a bathroom remodeling product for a more costly material. Ceramic tile in unique, textured patterns can be as attractive as natural stone, but you'll save money by choosing the less pricey tiles.

Soothing Colors for Bathrooms

Colorado Springs has grown enormously since the city was founded in 1871. This attractive, well appointed community, surrounded by striking views of the Rocky Mountains, is now the second most populous city in Colorado, after Denver. As the population has grown, the pace of life has picked up in Colorado Springs. Many homeowners focus their bathroom remodeling projects on turning this area of the home into a soothing, relaxing refuge. Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling ideas can transform a boring bathroom into a private spa.

The color palette you choose for your remodeling project plays a key role in setting the tone and mood for your CO bathroom. Soothing color palettes may range from subtle, neutral shades of pearl or ivory to deep, vibrant hues of indigo or forest green. The shades that are relaxing to one Colorado homeowner may not appeal to another; however, many homeowners find that colors on the cooler end of the spectrum are more calming, while warm colors are revitalizing and invigorating.

As glass tile becomes increasingly popular, you'll find this unique product turning up in more Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling projects. Glass tiles have a distinctive, shimmering beauty that can soothe the senses. An abstract mosaic of green and blue glass tiles can create the impression of a secluded undersea cavern. Combine soothing colors with the smooth textures of glass, tile or stone to achieve a sense of tranquility in your Colorado Springs bathroom.

If you find that neutral colors are more relaxing than blues or greens, consider a minimalist palette of white, gray, sand and black for your Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling scheme. These understated shades blend beautifully with stone, wood and organic fabrics to create a room that's naturally relaxing. Add Japanese privacy screens, a water sculpture or waterfall shower to your Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling plan to add a finishing touch to your tranquil decor.

Specialized Shower Features

Once you've chosen the colors that set the tone you're trying to achieve, you can shift the focus of your Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling project to designing a shower that you can't wait to come home to. These days, remodeling a Colorado Springs shower can be a specialized project of its own. With so many new fixtures and features to choose from, you can spend a lot of time and money just remodeling the shower enclosure in your CO home.

Shower remodeling has become more common as Colorado homeowners look for ways to save space with their Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling projects. If you and your family rarely use the bathtub, replacing this fixture with a deluxe shower enclosure can provide a touch of luxury and self indulgence. Upgrade a cramped shower cabin by expanding the space to include one or more benches, a steam shower head and pulsating jets that deliver varying degrees of pressure.

In the state of CO, known for its hot springs and waterfalls, a waterfall shower head can add the perfect touch to your project. Waterfall showers create a continuous wave of water instead of a dispersed spray. The overall effect of this unique fixture can create the impression of standing under a natural waterfall, especially if you tile the enclosure with a natural stone, like granite, marble or travertine. A partially enclosed shower with a glass door creates an impression of space if you're looking for ways to transform a small Colorado Springs bath.

Every Colorado Springs homeowner has his or her own ideas about what makes a Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling project a success. By taking time to define your needs and goals, and by developing a reasonably accurate budget, you may find that you get more satisfaction out of your remodel. In the areas where you feel less confident, consult an interior design professional for ideas, suggestions and quotes.

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